Steam Deck’s great rival can’t beat it on price

Since it went on sale Steam Deck, there have been few manufacturers that have tried to create their version of the laptop. One of the brands that is putting the most effort into this console with computer hardware is Ayaneo. This company already has some models for sale that rival the Valve console. In a recent presentation, the company has announced the prices of its next generation. And we have bad news, because they are not going to be exactly cheap machines.

Ayaneo beats the Steam Deck for a hefty price tag

Ayaneo wants to subtract prominence from the Steam Deck, and for this reason he has already prepared his two new consoles: the Ayaneo 2 and the Ayaneo Geek. These two machines are based on significantly more powerful hardware than the one that equips the Valve console, since they mount AMD Zen 3 APUs.

However, opting for better performance has a big impact on the price. The Ayaneo 2 part of the 949 dollarswhile the most basic model of the Ayaneo Geek goes to the $1,099. We are talking about two machines that are practically double the price of their main competitor.

Ayaneo 2 and Ayaneo Geek will reach the general public in december. The idea of ​​​​the Chinese brand is to continue attacking a premium segment to distance itself a bit from Valve, despite the fact that its true intention is to eat part of that cake.

Things are sweetened a bit with the introductory offer

ayaneo 2.jpg

Despite the fact that this pair of consoles starts at a fairly high price, the Ayaneo brand has provided an offer for the first enthusiasts who dare to get the Geek version. They can purchase the 512 GB model for around $799. It’s still a much higher price than the Steam Deck, but you have to admit that the kit has better specs too.

All this happens in a very favorable scenario for Valve. AMD Zen 2 APUs are still cheaper to manufacture. In addition, in recent weeks the delivery of equipment has accelerated quite a bit, and everything looks very good for the Steam Deck ahead of the Christmas period.

Not good news compared to a Steam Deck 2

If you’re up to date with everything that’s going on in the hardware world, you may have decided to wait before buying a Steam Deck. After all, Valve does not have the latest APU that AMD has launched on its console, so it is logical that the future version of the laptop is going to be significantly more powerful than current version.

However, it is possible that Valve will drag out the first generation of the Steam Deck as long as possible. And the reason would be none other than the price of the most modern components. The Steam Deck is a great machine as long as it stays competitively priced. At nearly a thousand dollars, not many people are going to want to jump through hoops, no matter how powerful the machine is.

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