Steam exceeds 33 million active users simultaneously

Despite the increasing competition, Steam It shows that it is still in top shape after yesterday having exceeded 33 million active users simultaneously on the platform, with more than 10 million of them playing. In this way, the Valve platform once again exceeds its best record, which was already above 30 million last October 2022.

The data, once again, is provided by SteamDB, an independent accountant that works as a great reference for these topics. That Steam has a linear growth seems impossible given its seniority and the growing competition, but that it is capable of exceeding its own highs is an indication that it is holding up very well to the challenges of what has established itself as its great rival: Epic Games Store .

Numbers of active users on Steam

Seeing Steam with tens of millions of active users has not been uncommon for a long time, but the reality is that did not have easy beginnings at the beginning of the 21st century, when many users rejected it because it was a way of keeping them tied to a specific platform and that also lived and continues to live connected to the Internet. Despite the initial criticism and rejection, Valve insisted on his idea and the passage of time ended up giving him the reason. The jump to digital support revitalized a PC that was in decline at the time and allowed the indie scene to emerge to consolidate the use of controllers on a platform still dominated by keyboard and mouse.

The rest of the story is already known. Steam has expanded horizons for first support Mac and then get to Linux. Support for the latter system was a reaction to Microsoft’s intentions to centralize the distribution of applications through its own store. Far from having been a movement facing the gallery, Valve has insisted in that direction to the extreme of launch their own distribution and their own consoles, although at a commercial level they did not finish hitting the key until the Steam Deck was released.

Graph with the number of active users on Steam

Delving into the peak, Steam reached the number of 33,078,963 users simultaneously, with 10,284,568 who were playing. We will see if the platform beats itself again, which at least on paper seems difficult, but looking at the trend in recent months, it looks plausible.

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