Steam sales for fall and winter are already dated

As is: there is already a date for Steam sales for fall and winter And not only that: the company has anticipated all the events that are to take place between now and the end of the year, so no, it has not been due, as is usual, to a rumor, a leak or anyone’s forecast . Which, incidentally, is not the sum of anything either.

Or what is the same: what else will it matter if the Steam sales for autumn and winter are held a few days before or a few days later, when we all know very well that they will be celebrated yes or yes, among other things, because the offers Steam -and other stores, although now we talk about it- do not stop throughout the year, either in seasonal promotions such as those that concern us or others of a specific nature.

Well, take note because despite the constant hammering, these Steam sales are the gravy of the store and the best opportunity to empty your wish list at the best price, which always comes in handy. Three months remain – two, in fact, although October is not yet over – to say goodbye to the year and three are the promotions that Steam is about to celebrate:

This is the first and is about to fall: from October 28 to November 1 Steam sales are held for Halloween “with a special focus on content updates and in-game events to celebrate this holiday,” they detail in Steamworks

November 24-30 The autumn sales are held, in which in addition to offers in a multitude of content, the nominations for the Steam Awards will begin to be prepared.

And that’s it from December 22 to January 5 the most important Steam sales of the year will be held, the winter sales, during which the Steam Awards will continue.

And that’s all, which is not little. Quite the contrary: the offers in the Steam sales are usually large and sometimes with discounts that really pay off. you are already advised to renew your wish list or be on guard to see what you can take.

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