Steam winter sales kick off: Thousands of games on sale

Just yesterday the Steam winter offers started, one of the most anticipated promotions of the year that, as usual, will last two weeks (from December 22 to January 5). Valve, owner of Steam, has kept the usual format, which means that we can find a huge selection with thousands of discounted games, and that the discounts will vary depending on each specific title.

Thus, for example, in these Steam winter offers we can find games with a 15% discount, others with discounts of between 25% and 50%, and also some with discounts of 80% or more. We can also filter offers based on our budget, something that is undoubtedly very useful. On the front of the store, right in the lower half, we have the section “less than 10 euros”, and below, we will see a button with the option of “less than 5 euros.”

I know what you’re thinking, And are there interesting games for less than 5 euros? Well yes, and quite a few. For only 1.63 euros you have the mythical Left 4 Dead, for 3.99 you can get Batman Arkham Knight and for 4.79 euros you can get the “Deluxe” edition of Mass Effect Andromeda. The latter has a discount of 84%, and mostly positive evaluations that confirm that, after receiving multiple patches, it was finally in the state in which it should have reached the market. I confirm that I have taken advantage of these offers to buy it, since I had it pending.

Steam winter deals

Steam winter deals: cool games for less than 10 euros

If we can find attractive games for less than 5 euros in the Steam winter offers, it is clear that we will also have titles of interest in the upper echelon, that is, for between 5 and 9.99 euros. One of the most striking in this category is the great The Witcher III, which is reduced to 5.99 euros. We can also get Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for 9.89 euros (remember that this edition requires a graphics card with ray tracing acceleration), and the fantastic Blasphemous for 6.24 euros.

Resident Evil 7 It is also reduced to 9.89 euros, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice it has dropped to 7.49 euros, DOOM 2016 It is reduced to 5.99 euros and Gears 5 It can be purchased for 9.99 euros. The list of games reduced to less than 10 euros is huge, and among them there are a large number of triple A games, and more modest titles, very interesting, so I recommend that you take a look calmly.

On a personal note, I have taken advantage of Steam’s winter offers to get Mass Effect Andromeda, as I have already told you, but I think I’m going to keep biting these days, and that the next title to fall will be Blasphemous, since I have wanted him for quite some time, and I have been leaving it too much. I do not rule out getting some more, after all I have many pending titles, and I am seeing very good prices.

I remind you, before finishing, that if you cannot afford to buy anything in Steam’s winter offers there is no problem, through this link you will find a section dedicated to free titles that you can enjoy without spending a penny.

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