Step aside Air Fryer, this multifunctional food processor will be the gadget that will change your life

One of the devices that came to revolutionize the lives of young adults was undoubtedly the Air Fryer, the hot air fryer that cooks almost all edible products adequately but … is there an appliance that exceeds its efficiency?

The answer is yes, a couple of weeks ago the machine was released on the Mexican market ‘Prep & Cook‘, the multifunctional kitchen robot that is capable of making complete menus quickly and without much effort, for up to ten people, all from a simple click.

According to the page Krups, the appliance has a 4.5-liter stainless steel container and twelve automatic cooking functions, reaching temperatures from 30 ° C cookingn until 150 ° C. In addition to this, the machine allows you to caramelize, fry, brown, seal, cook with an open lid, saving time, space and resources.

In fact, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon have highlighted that the machine has 10 programs to easily prepare an endless number of dishes, from a manual mode that has a scraper and up to 6 accessories, among them: an ultrablade blade, kneader, whisk , mixer, steam basket and XL base, which will make life easier for you in the kitchen.

One-click cooking classes

To learn more about how Prep & Cook works, a new recipe is broadcast (Live on FB) every week and a space is created to resolve doubts and concerns that may arise, with the support of Qualified chef responsible for the Krups Culinary Center.


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