Steve Jobs’ Top 3 Presentations

Apple presentations are always a very special moment, but beware, not only because of what is presented, but obviously, because of the way in which the Cupertino company does it. Each one of them has something different, details that make them unique, for this reason, in this post we wanted to collect the three best presentations that Steve Jobs made at the head of the company.

Three historical presentations

The first thing we want you to know is that the choice of these three presentations is something completely personal and subjective, so it is possible that you agree with it, in the same way that it is also possible that you do not. That said, whenever Apple presents a new product, the world of technology, and even the world in general, are waiting to see what the Cupertino company surprises with on that occasion.

It is true that during in recent years the Keynotes have lost that power of surprise that they had before, and a lot of the blame for this lies with the constant leaks about the news that Apple is preparing. However, this did not happen with Steve Jobs at the helm, which meant that every time he took the stage to present a new product, all eyes were more than attentive to every word that this genius said.

the first presentation the one we are left with is the iPod. Surely, the arrival of this device completely changed the way users listened to music, but we can also say that dramatically changed the music industry. Steve Jobs sold the idea that people could carry music in their pockets in a device that was barely large, selling portability, comfort and design. Today it would be difficult not to be able to enjoy this authentic pleasure.

iPhone presentation

Continuing with the line marked with the iPod, Steve Jobs’ presentation on the iPhone It also marked a before and after in the world of smartphones. Jobs wanted users to have a keyboard completely adapted to each situation, to each application they used, and also that the mobile device was not a mere product that was used to call. Without a doubt, again changed the history of mankindand possibly if today we can enjoy the enormous benefits that all smartphones offer, it is because Apple presented that first iPhone.

MacBook Air presentation

Obviously, if we talk about historical presentations of Steve Jobs, surely one of the most impressiveboth to the general public and to those who were lucky enough to witness it, was that of the first MacBook Air. The design of this product was something completely revolutionary, since Steve Jobs, in order to put all the emphasis on the thinness of the product, did nothing other than take it out of a paper envelope. No one could imagine that inside an envelope, which had a practically negligible thickness, a laptop was going to be removed, with such a careful and minimalist design. It was a real surprise, and the image of Jobs taking the MacBook Air out of a paper envelope will be marked forever.

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