Steve Wozniak defends the right to free reparation


Steve Wozniak It is contrary to Apple’s policy, and he thinks that the company should bet on the free repair of its devices. That’s what the Apple co-founder just said in an interview.

But not surprising. First, because he is not linked to the company, and he can give an opinion whatever he wants. And second that a welder is more suited to a fool than a pencil, and it is understood that he wants to defend all the little ones repairmen who make their living among screwdrivers and welders.

Apple’s policy is contrary to the right to free repair of your devices. In a totally opposite position, Steve Wozniak has commented in a 10-minute interview about the importance of the right to repair and how well it did. Manzana in its beginnings.

Louis Rossmann He is well known for his ongoing fight to pass legislation in the US that favors the free repair of electronic devices. In a cameo with Steve Wozniak, Rossmann has asked his opinion about it. Wozniak apologized saying that he is very busy, and has not been able to help him in his fight, but that he is in favor of his idea of ​​self-repair.

He explained that he is very much in favor of free repair and open source to obtain repair schemes for devices. And he gave as an example the Apple ii.

He explained in the interview that the Apple II was sent to the user with the complete schematics of the circuits for a later repair if necessary by the same user. He said that device was Apple’s sole source of profit for the company’s first ten years.

During the life of the Apple II, they were sold around 6 million units. An outrage at that time. Watch the video of the interview, because it is worth listening to the anecdotes that good old Woz usually tells.

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