Steven Spielberg signs a contract with Netflix

Despite the skepticism towards the streaming platform already expressed in the past, Steven Spielberg sign a contract with Netflix to make at least two films a year.

The award-winning director Steven Spielberg and his production house, Amblin Partners, have signed a partnership to make several films every year. However, this new alliance does not mean the end of the collaboration between the filmmaker and Universal Pictures, but simply that the Amblin Partners will also produce films for Netflix.

Netflix and Spielberg together

Steven Spielberg recently stated that:

At Amblin, storytelling will always remain at the center of everything we do. The moment Ted and I started discussing the partnership, it quickly became clear that it was a wonderful opportunity to tell new stories together and reach audiences in a new way.

He also added that:

This new path for our films, in conjunction with the stories we will continue to tell with our historic Universal family and other partners, will be very fulfilling for me personally, as we embark on this adventure together with Ted and I. I can’t wait to get started with him, Scott and the entire Netflix team.

The strategic move of Netflix it will certainly be very successful, as the streaming giant has secured one of the most popular and successful directors ever. It seems almost absurd to think that just a couple of years ago, Spielberg he had been very against the platform’s habit of launching films directly, without letting them pass through theaters. In addition, he had also asked the Academy to exclude from the Oscar race all films that were released in this way.

The director, however, retraced his steps by retracting the previous statements:

I want people to find entertainment in the form that’s best for them, whether it’s big or small. What really matters is a great story and that everyone has access to it.

Ted Sarandos, the Co-CEO of Netflix is Chief Content Officer said about this deal with Spielberg:

Steven is a creative visionary and a leader like many others in the world. I grew up with her memorable characters and her stories shaped, inspired and awakened me. We look forward to working with the Amblin team and are honored and thrilled to be a part of this chapter in Spielberg’s cinematic history.

Burying the hatchet, in short, here we see the birth of a collaboration that will have a great success in the world of cinema in its entirety.


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