Still want to mine with your GPU? Sapphire resurrects the AMD RX 570

Cryptocurrency mining is no longer “as” profitable as before. Between China’s ban on mining farms, the rise in the price of electricity, the fall in the price of the main cryptocurrencies and the limited stock of graphics cards in the current market, the bubble burst and fewer and fewer users interested in it. However, manufacturers like Sapphire (which, remember, only makes graphics from AMD) seem to want to resuscitate this interest, or rather perhaps remove accumulated stock of the previous generation of GPUs from those in red.

This Sapphire mining GPU has two AMD RX 570s

Sapphire RX 570 GPU Minar

Sapphire seems to be preparing a new model of graphics card specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining, and it seems that it is going to do it through the big door because we are facing a graphics that, despite having GPUs from the previous generation of AMD, incorporates two units of these. This graphics card has therefore two RX 570 GPUs (Polaris 20XL) on a single PCB, each with 2,048 Stream Processors paired with 8GB of memory (for a total of 16GB).

This graph for mining reports a total consumption of 156 watts (each GPU, therefore, with a consumption of 78W) and, however, this number can only refer to the power of the ASIC and the total consumption of the card could be higher. This graph achieves a 59.69 MH / s hashrate when mining Ethereum, which while not particularly impressive by today’s standards, offers a level of efficiency on the same level as the RX 6600 XT.

RX 570 Dual Minar GPU

Unlike many other graphics cards designed for cryptocurrency mining, this Sapphire GPU does have a video output, in this case a solitaire HDMI port But that alone allows us not to need another graphics card in the system to be able to connect the equipment to a monitor and see what it is doing.

By the way, a curiosity about this graphic is that Sapphire seems to have tried to hide its logo in it, as we can see in the images, but even so under the heat sink you can see the logo of the brand so with This we know that, indeed, Sapphire has been responsible for its manufacture.


Beyond this information that has appeared on the network, the other details are unknown, including of course the manufacturer’s intentions for its launch and, of course, the price at which it would supposedly reach the market is unknown (in fact, keep in mind that it is possible that it is simply a test model and that it will never reach the stores).

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