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Flickering or flickering is a significant change in the intensity of the light emitted by the monitor in short periods of time, and depending on its speed it can become noticeable but even when not, it can be harmful to visual health, causing visual fatigue. , headache, dryness and red eyes. Fortunately, monitor manufacturers developed Flicker Free technology that prevents these flickers, and therefore monitors that carry it are considered ideal for working because it is assumed that whoever works in front of a screen does so for many hours a day.

LG 27MP59G-P

This monitor, which is now with a 40% discount and is at a better price than ever, has a diagonal of 27 inches and Full HD resolution, so it is ideal to work for providing you with plenty of space for all your windows. It incorporates an IPS LED matrix with coverage of 99% of the sRGB color space, with 250 cd / m2 of maximum brightness and curiously it integrates AMD FreeSync technology with up to 75 Hz of refresh rate and 1 ms of response time, so it is also perfectly valid for gaming.

As video inputs it incorporates an HDMI, a DisplayPort and a VGA (D-Sub), and the bad part is that its V-shaped base only allows adjustment in inclination but not in rotation, rotation or height.

Samsung LF27T352FHRXEN

Samsung LF27T352FHRXEN monitor work

This Samsung LED-IPS monitor also has a 27-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution, as well as incorporating AMD FreeSync technology with a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, although in this case the response time amounts to 5 ms. In this case, as video inputs it only incorporates an HDMI and a VGA (D-Sub) for PCs or older devices.

Like the previous one, its V-shaped base keeps the screen very firm but does not allow height, rotation or rotation adjustment, we can only modify the inclination.

Samsung C24RG52FQR

Samsung C24RG52FQR monitor work

This curved monitor is listed within the manufacturer’s family of gaming products, but as it incorporates Flicker Free technology and a high refresh rate it is also logically very good to work with. It has a 24-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution, with a 144 Hz refresh rate (with FreeSync) and 4 ms response time in an LED-VA panel that, in this case, has 1800R curvature for greater immersion.

In this case, the monitor only has two HDMI as video inputs, and has a minijack for headphone output in the event that there are no speakers. Its base only allows adjustment in inclination but not in height, rotation or rotation.

Philips 243V7QDSB / 00

Philips Monitor 243V7QDSB work

This Philips monitor has a 24-inch diagonal and the aforementioned Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels); Its matrix is ​​LED-IPS and has a 75 Hz refresh rate, also compatible with AMD FreeSync variable frequency technology, with 4 ms response time and, in this case, in addition to Flicker Free technology, it also has Low Blue. Light to further protect the wearer’s visual health.

As video inputs it has an HDMI, a DVI and a VGA (D-Sub), and its base only allows, again, to modify the inclination but not the height, rotation or rotation.


AOC Monitor 24B1H work

Another excellent monitor to work with is this AOC model that we can also find now on sale. It has a 24-inch diagonal with Full HD resolution on a MVA panel with 60 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms response time, Flicker Free technology, 250 cd / m2 of maximum brightness and HDMI and D-Sub (VGA) inputs for connect to PC. Its V-shaped base only allows you to modify the inclination.

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