Still without a UPS for your PC? Well see what Eaton offers

Eaton is one of the most recognized brands in the UPS market niche, both professionally and consumer level, and in fact after APC it is the brand that sells the most and for a reason it will be. Today we bring you two great offers on UPS for PCs from this manufacturer with discounts of 41% and 42% on their 400 and 500 watt models respectively, more than enough for a conventional PC or even a gaming PC that does not have a GPU too much « greedy ».

Eaton Ellipse ECO 650 DIN UPS

Eaton Ellipse Eco 650

This Eaton uninterruptible power supply offers a 650VA or 400 watt load, and is ideal for protecting a conventional complete PC against electrical disturbances, as it has more than enough power for an office PC with its monitor, peripherals and even the router if you want to be able to continue working for a few minutes even if the power goes out.

This model incorporates four European Schuko plugs, three of them with over-voltage protection and backup battery and one of them only with protection but without battery support, that is, you can have uninterrupted power in three devices. In addition, this model has the particularity of being totally silent since it does not have a fan, and you will only hear it in the event that the power goes out or a problem is found because obviously what it does have is a small speaker to emit the tone of alarm that warns you of it.

This model is now on sale with a 42% discount, so you will have a UPS of the best quality at a price that places it at the same level as other lower models.

Eaton Ellipse ECO 800 USB DIN

Eaton Ellipse Eco 800 UPS

In this case we are facing an Eaton UPS with 800 VA and 500W of power, enough for the same as the previous one but it could already be worth us even for a gaming PC (for example, our test team with an 8700K and an RTX 3070 barely arrives at 400 watts playing). Like the previous one, this model incorporates four European Schuko plugs, all of them with overvoltage protection and battery backup.

Like the previous one, this model does not have a fan and is therefore completely silent, but it also has a filter for network connection and USB connection to the PC through which its Eco Control software can be used, which allows not only to monitor the parameters of the device but also perform self tests, view battery life and much more.

In this case, this model has a 41% discount and it also has a very interesting price. It is available in 1200 VA and 1600 VA versions, but in this case they have no offer and their price is quite high.

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