Still without Windows 10? Get it for € 11, and Office for € 20

Your Windows 10 license, with an additional 35% discount with the HZ35 coupon

We are as you may have noticed before some offers with which to get, adding the exclusive discount code HZ35, a fully legal, lifetime copy of Windows 10 at up to 91% off Microsoft’s retail price. Of course, when at the beginning we told you that you still have time to get it, it is literal, but not for long because these special discounts will only last a few more days. Hurry up if you still don’t have your licenses in order!

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This is how the purchase and activation process works

The first of all is to register in the CDKeySales online store as you would in any other, and then you must log in to it. With your user account created, access one of the links that we have placed above to go to the product page. Do not worry if the price you see in the store is not the one we have listed above, since we have not yet applied the 35% discount coupon.

Windows 10 license

Next, add the product or products you want to buy to your cart by pressing the “Buy now” button, but before confirming the order, do not forget to enter the discount code HZ35 in the “Promotion code” box and do click “Request” to apply.

Discount code Windows 10 Office

After doing this, you will be able to see that the price that appears next to the product changes, and now it corresponds to the one we put above because that additional 35% discount will have already been applied.


After adding the products you want to the cart and applying the discount code, you will be able to proceed with the payment. After confirmation, in a few minutes you will receive the corresponding license codes at the email address with which you have registered, ready for use.

Once you have the license in your possession, it is time to use it. To activate the Windows 10 license, you must go to Settings (click Start and select the gear icon), then go to the Update and Security menu and then select the “Activation” menu in the part of the left. There you will see a section called “Change product key”, so since it is exactly what we want to do, click on it and a window will open in which you can enter the license that you have received by email.

Activate Windows 10

Once you have entered the license code (you can copy and paste from your email), click on next, and the activation process will check the license automatically; In a few seconds you will have your copy of Windows 10 activated and ready to update to Windows 11.

Windows 10 activated

Nowadays, it no longer makes sense to gamble with unlawful activation methods, especially when you can buy a Windows 10 or Office license for such a low price, right? The purchase of a lifetime license using the CDKeySales store as we suggest, also allows you to have a plus of confidence since they have been operating for a long time and, even if you encounter problems, they have a customer service that will help you in the process of activation without any problem.

Finally, it should be noted that CDKeysales guarantees a permanently valid key, and a 30-day exchange and return period without obligation from the date of purchase.

Sponsored by CDKeysales.

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