Stock of 96W chargers is in short supply and they all point to the 16 ″ MacBook Pro

On the Apple website, we often come across really long shipments for many products or accessories. A few hours ago that the stock or rather Shipping dates for 96W MacBook Pro chargers are marking deliveries of up to three months and this is not the usual … But it is also scarce in the official Apple stores. In our country for example, they are only available in stock in an Apple store.

That is why many media such as MacRumors, affirm that these delays in shipments may be directly related to the more than possible close date of presentation of the new Apple equipment, 16-inch MacBook Pros.

Only occurs with this 96W charger model

Shipping 96W MacBook charger

And it is that if we focus well on the shortage of chargers we realize that only these specific 96W models are missing, the rest of the models ranging from those of 20 watts up to 61 watts are available for the next day.

They also say in MacRumors that the shortage of components may be another determining factor in the lack of stock of these chargers at Apple. And is that It is not for now that 96W chargers are missing on the shelves of Apple storesIt seems that it is a problem that has been dragging on for a few weeks and this could be due to other issues beyond the launch of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro that logically has to include this charger.

Be that as it may, buying this charger right now is an almost impossible task at official Apple stores and may be at official resellers. We all want to see the presentation of a new MacBook Pro but it is not necessary to relate everything to this possible presentation …

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