Stop always telling the same stories to your children: these websites will help you

And it is that when it comes to entertaining or even to try put our young children to sleepFor years, parents have used stories as an effective method. However, on many occasions we find ourselves repeating these fables over and over again, something that can even tire the children themselves. That is precisely where the internet comes into play. It is true that we normally look for news pages, photos, videos, or even those that allow us to play online.

But in this case we are going to focus on a somewhat more specific use and that our young children will surely appreciate, even if they do not let us know. Specifically, we are going to talk about a series of web pages focused on Children’s Stories which will surely be very useful for you.

web stories

thousand tales

At first here we are going to find a Web page that proposes a series of stories for children that also include photos that they will love. It is true that the design of the web as such is somewhat outdated, but perhaps that is one of its attractions. It is worth noting that we find a total of 23 illustrated titles that we can open for free so that children can see their illustrations while we tell them the stories.

once upon a tale

On the other hand, here we are going to find a good amount of titles in order to offer variety to our young children. As soon as we access the website we find a series of sections such as a list of the titles available on this platform. But not only that, since at the same time we are also going to find other sections dedicated to video stories, or we are even going to find content of this type in other languages.

Many stories

As its name suggests, here we are going to find a good amount of content of this type for the little ones in the house. This is a website that focuses on offering us all kinds of children’s stories, including some classic tales. In addition, we are also going to find riddles and games for children that will surely be extremely useful on certain occasions. In turn, all this through an intuitive and entertaining user interface.

Once Upon a Time Tales

What we are looking for here are children’s stories, as has already been made clear, and this website focuses on all of this. At first we find a page that is very well designed and attractive for both the elderly and the youngest in the house. In addition, if something characterizes this proposal that we are talking about now, it is the huge amount of content of this type that he proposes to us.

And that’s not all, since many of these children’s stories that we are talking about are in audio format so that we can listen to them through the PC or mobile speakers. Therefore, the attraction for the smallest of the house is indisputable.

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