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The truth is that if you grew up in the heyday of LucasArts with its many graphic adventures, which competed with those of Roberta Williams’ Sierra On-line, it is certain that every time one of these launches appears, your flesh will open and a little bit of your old experiences in this video game is moved. After all, we are talking about one of the most narrative and absorbing genres that exist and that has millions of followers around the world.

Companies know this perfectly and that is why they never forget to launch a good point and click to the market, knowing that there is an audience eager for new legends, puzzles and unknowns to solve by stroke of genius or luck. And that is the case Children of Silenttown, which hit the (digital) stores of all known platforms on January 11: both on PC (Steam, GoG and Epic Store) as well as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. So, technically, you can enjoy it pretty much anywhere.

What’s more, its price is perfect because in all cases it stands at 19.99 euros, which is not too high an expense for the many hours that it will keep us entertained. Even on Steam you have it with a 10% discount and it stays at just 17.99.

Children of Silent.

What does this game tell us?

This title developed by Elf Games and Luna2 Studio tells us the story of Lucy, a girl who lives in a town located inside a forest deep in which horrible monsters live and who wants to discover the mystery behind the disappearances of other friends. So we will have to be wide awake checking all the clues that each one is leaving, follow them and end up clarifying who is behind it.

One of the characteristics that boasts Children of Silent Town is that all its graphics are hand drawnor for what they maintain a storybook appearance that suits him very well, despite the fact that the children, with those blank eyes, remind us of the mythical movie of The Town of the Damnedfrom 1960, and that more than one of us lost sleep when we saw it for the first time as little ones.

So now you know, if you want to continue with the adventurous party started last year with Return to Monkey Island, take advantage of the launch of Children of Silenttown which, by the way, you have translated into Spanish, at least the texts, since the dialogues are kept in the original English. A pity, don’t you think?

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