Straight to the point! with MuyPymes: Aid Activa Startups

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and managed by the Foundation of the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), has launched the aid programme, “Activate Startups”. The main objectives are to promote innovation and the growth of emerging companies, through the development of collaborative environments and digitization.

The subsidies, up to a maximum of 4,000 euros, are intended for the costs derived from the innovation process. There are three types of calls, for SMEs, startups and SME-startup consortia. They are aimed at innovation projects in the field of digital transformation, development and incorporation of emerging technologies, transformation towards a low carbon economy or incorporation of the circular economy into the business model.

To learn more about the key points of these interesting aids, we have spoken with Pedro Robles, founder of Fandit, a technology company committed to making public subsidies and aid more accessible and efficient.

What issues does this video address?

  1. What are the Activa Startups grants?
  2. Who receives the aid and what amounts are we talking about?
  3. What types of projects are they intended for?
  4. What actions are not contemplated in the call?

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