Stranger Things 4: how many chapters are released tomorrow and how long do they last?

A tremendous ending

As we tell you, Netflix has saved the best for the end of season 4 that opens on July 1, 2022, Friday, although it will not be accessible until 9:00 a.m. in the morning. It will be from that moment on when the earliest risers will be able to swallow followed by everything that the remaining chapters reserve for us. But do you know exactly how many there are?

The second batch of episodes consists of only two. If you remember, so far we have seen seven, which have given to (eye SPOILERS) know that we have a creature with the name of a monster of Dungeons & Dragons called Vecna, who emerged from a person very close to Eleven and who, as it has become known recently, has been present in some way in all the previous seasons of stranger things.

Although already those final revelations of part one of season 4 could have served to close it and wait until next year, the truth is that there are fringes to solve that you can discover in just 24 hours.

How much time do you have left to enjoy?

If this second batch of episodes will only have two episodes (compared to the seven of the first part) the duration itself is a completely differentiating element because, as the Duffer brothers announced before the premiere, they will be the longest of the entire series.

Only the seventh episode, with its 98 minutes, could be compared to the eighth, which will have a similar duration, although nothing to do with the last one that will be the final tachán definitive of this fourth season: two hours and half. Yes, you read correctly, the delivery that closes stranger things until further notice it will last as long as a movie that hits theaters, so if you take advantage of Friday or Saturday night, we recommend accompanying the experience with the presence in your hands of a good bowl of popcorn and a soft drink.

Undoubtedly, the leap that the series has taken in this season 4 that is about to conclude not only goes further in terms of means and extension of the story, but also in the average duration of the chapters that, in the first consignment, the majority exceeded 70 minutes. Something that had not happened in the previous three seasons. Only chapter three of this fourth seasonthe one of The Monster and the superheroine, was below that figure reaching just 64 minutes. In comparison, during the third season all the episodes were around 50 minutes except for the eighth (and last) which reached 78.

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