Stranger Things 4, Sandman … All the previews of the Netflix series

The Sandman

It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated series of recent times. The adaptation of the comics by Neil gaiman It will hit the small screen soon and to whet your appetite we already have “the first look.”

The Paper House – Season 5 Part 2

Get ready to say goodbye to your favorite robbers forever. On December will put the final touch on this famous Spanish series that has given so many joys to the red N. Here’s an exclusive clip.

Stranger Things 4

One of the most coveted content of Netflix viewers are these first images of Stranger Things 4. In the new trailer you can see how a family arrives at a house that we knew nothing about until now and where something terrible will happen. Years later the protagonists enter it for some reason that we still do not know. Could it be the entrance to the other world? We will soon know.

Ozark – Season 4

Another series that also comes to an end: the great Ozark will end with a fourth season of which we already have a first look.

The Bridgertons – Season 2

The Bridgerton phenomenon will return soon with a second season in which he will now be the older brother of the family, Anthony, The protagonist of the story. The trailer is not yet available but we do have a “first look” with a small scene for you to see the new fashionable couple.

Cobra Kai – Season 4

The arrival of Cobra Kai It was quite a surprise for Netflix subscribers, so the arrival of season 4 is eagerly awaited. To help you better cope with the wait (the December 31st), we already have a first preview.


Watch out for lovers of animated series because the November 6th Arcane arrives. Get ready for the franchise jump League of Legends to the small screen of the streaming service and Riot Games.

Vikings: Valhalla

The spin-off of the epic saga of Vikings sets sail very soon and the first images of this new adventure are now available for your enjoyment.

The Hartung case

Do you like crime series and about serial killers? Then you have to sign up for The Hartung Case, a Danish proposal based on a novel of the same name that will not leave you indifferent.

Cowboy Beepop

Here you have a first look at the characters of this proposal in real action of the famous anime series, about a crew of bounty hunters who hunt down the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy.

Emily in Paris

One of the most popular series of recent times on Netflix returns with a new season that will be available at Christmas (the December 22th). Here is a preview of the most chic proposal in the catalog.

The Crown

The “last part” of the fantastic The Crown you already have your first video look. This is not a typical trailer but something much better: a message from the Queen of England herself …

Colin in black and white

Another installment that is peeking out the door with a first glance is Colin in black and white. Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick’s limited series on this well-known athlete’s high school years and the experiences that, ho by b, led him to become an activist.


We continue with the advancement of the reboot of the mythical series for teenagers Rebel. Less than a minute is what Netflix has let us see in these first images about the series that many expect. Although, with them we can know the uniform of these young people, the first corridors of the institute, in addition to a little of their musical talent.

Big Mouth – Season 5

The poster of the fifth season of Big mouth, the adult animation series is here to announce that Bridgeton High School is returning to Netlfix on November 5. In this the guest artists are Brandon Kyle Goodman, Keke Palmer and Pamela Adlon, who will have a lot to tell.

Inside job

The animated comedy series for adults Inside job It is the new bet of Netflix that will be released on October 22. A series in which we will know who are the true ones in charge of taking the reins of the shadow world. Are you going to miss it?

The Witcher – Season 2

Undoubtedly, many are those who were waiting for the return of The witcher with the second season of the series. In this case we have not just one, but two small exclusive previews that Netflix has shared with us. The return of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri is closer every day.

And, if that weren’t enough, a trailer for this second season with even more exclusive images has also seen the light:

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