Stranger Things: All about one of Netflix’s greatest hits

The series does tribute to the Hollywood of the 80s and its story is based on a small town in Indiana called Hawkins. Everything seems to be going normally in this small town when Will byers, a 12-year-old boy, mysteriously disappears without a trace. Everyone is worried about little Will, even his friends start looking for him. And it is just at that moment when the story becomes even weirder with the appearance of Eleven (Eleven in VO), a girl who has run away from some unknown place, who is in shock because of what she cannot say anything and who, in addition, has some strange telekinetic powers that make her nose bleed when wearing them.

This girl will become part of the search party for the missing young man along with her friends. But everything will get complicated day by day because of a series of quite strange events that come from a parallel reality called “The other side”. What no one knows, or at least initially, is that these events are caused by a kind of experiment by the United States government itself.

Without wishing to spoil your story with a major spoiler, we will not tell you much more about the events that occur in Hawkins. Although, what we can tell you is that evil always lurks and The Other Side hides things that none of us fully understand.

Characters in Stranger Things

Now that you know a little more about the plot that happens in this popular Netflix series, it’s time to introduce yourself to the main cast members.

The first are the members of this group of friends that we will meet in the first chapter of the series. They are, from left to right:

  • Will byers: role played by actor Noah Schnapp. This is the young man who disappears from Hawkins, a kind and very shy boy. As a curiosity, in his “Dungeons and Dragons” playgroup Will is the clergyman, although he sometimes plays the role of Dungeon Master as well. He is the little brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers.
  • Mike wheeler: this character is brought to life by actor Finn Wolfhard. A very intelligent boy who feels his friends are members of his own family. Mike is the paladin in Dungeons and Dragons, although he is usually the one who plays the Dungeon Master keeping the pace of the game. Son of Karen and Ted, as well as older brother of Holly and younger of Nancy.
  • Dustin Henderson: the well-known character of the group of friends who is missing part of the front of his teeth, which makes him speak with a somewhat strange pronunciation. His role is played by Gaten Matarazzo, a monster-expert boy from the Dungeon Master. He usually takes the position of bard in this game.
  • Lucas Sinclair: played by actor Caleb McLaughlin. In Dungeon Master he is the ranger. If you had to prove your skills, one of them is clear that it is the slingshot. A very intelligent young man and, in turn, somewhat distrustful of anyone other than his friends.

Another of the main characters of Stranger things is, without a doubt, Eleven (Eleven in English) whose role is played by actress Millie Bobby Brown. She is the girl who magically appeared before the previous group of friends after escaping from the Hawkins labs. He has powers such as telepathy and telekinesis with which he controls objects with his mind.

In the image we see Jim hopper, played by David Harbor, although he prefers to be called Hop. This character is the head of the Hawkins Police Department. Trapped in alcoholism after the death of his daughter, he becomes skeptical of the theories of paranormal events that happen in this city. She, by her side, is Joyce byers who, played by Winona Ryder, is Will and Jonathan’s mother. The only thing this woman wants is to find her missing son in any case.

Going from left to right in the photo above, first of all we have to Jonathan Byers, who is the elder brother of the missing Will. Charlie Heaton plays the geekiest and quietest young man in school, who is ignored by anyone. His passion is photography.

In the center we see Nancy wheeler, the older sister of Mike and Holly, whose role is played by Natalia Dyer. Although at the beginning of the series Nancy is no one known at her school, she suddenly begins to gain greater esteem by starting to date the most popular boy in school.

Precisely, that young man is Steve Harrington, the one on your right. Here the person in charge of bringing the character to life is actor Joe Keery, who will become the most popular student at Hawkins’ school. He will try to have a relationship with Nancy, although she will eventually end up choosing Jonathan as her partner.

Seasons of Stranger Things

As we mentioned, this series of Stranger things It has been a real success on the Big Red N platform. This has led them to extend the plot through three seasons released so far and a fourth that is on the way. A total of 25 episodes that you can start watching right now on Netflix.

  • Season 1: 8 episodes with a duration of between 42 and 55 minutes each.
  • Season 2: 9 episodes, between 45 and 62 minutes each.
  • Season 3: 8 episodes, each lasting between 49 and 77 minutes.

If you want to know a little about the plot that each of these seasons of Stranger Things is about, here are some of the official trailers published on the Netflix Spain channel:

When is Stranger Things 4 released?

This is the question that every fan of the Netflix saga is asking themselves right now, eager for more content from one of their favorite series.

It is not news that the entire audiovisual world has been dragging a significant delay for a couple of years or so. In the case of Stranger Things, its last update was with the arrival of its third installment on July 4, 2019. What all this means is that we have been a little over 2 years without knowing what the next step in the plot will be.

Well, although it is bad news for fans of the saga, as confirmed by Netflix itself through its Twitter account, the fourth installment will not arrive until the next 2022. But, at what time next year will the premiere be? That is another good question for which, at the moment, we have no answer.

However, we do have two little ones official advances of the fourth season that, if you are eager for news, you will love to see. We leave them below:

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