Stranger Things season 4: Netflix unveils new images from volume 2, the tension is rising!

After having broadcast the first trailer for the last episodes of season 4 of Strangers Things, Netflix reveals a little more by publishing several images of the finale. Obviously, everything is being prepared on all sides: while Eleven is with her biological father, her friends are making plans to come to her aid.

stranger things season 4 volume 2

Netflix continues to increase the expectation with fans who are waiting for the second volume of Stranger Things season 4. It must be said that this first burst of episodes started on the hats. If the first episodes were somewhat slow to set up, everything quickly accelerated to the point of putting everyone in suspense. While this first volume has had the best start in Netflix history, we will have to be patient to see the next ones, which will arrive on July 1, 2022.

In the meantime, Netflix does not forget to feed everyone’s theories. Last week, we were treated to a first trailer for this volume 2, which teases an epic confrontation between Eleven and Vecna. Today, the platform is content with images taken from the episodes, which will not fail to arouse reactions among fans despite everything. Several information are indeed to be learned from these photos, which some could even qualify as spoilers.

stranger things season 4 volume 2 - 2

Netflix teases the next episodes of Stranger Things

Thus, Eleven is now reunited with Andrew Rich, her biological father, who seems to be preparing her for a new batch of experiences. Meanwhile, her group of friends isn’t sitting idle. Everyone seems to be working on a plan to help him. It should also be noted that Nancy is present in the image, as she and Steve finish the first volume in the Upside Down.

stranger things season 4 volume 2 - 3

On the same subject – Stranger Things season 4: the finale promises to be epic, the special effects even more numerous than in all of season 3!

It’s also reunion time for Jim and Joyce, who nevertheless don’t seem to be in a very happy situation. Finally, all these beautiful people will not remain static since two images were taken inside a car, which seems to indicate that several trips will be involved. While waiting for the broadcast of the episodes, make way for theories!

stranger things season 4 volume 2 - 4

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