Stranger Things season 4: Netflix unveils the final trailer for volume 2!

Netflix has just unveiled the final trailer for the second volume of season 4 of Stranger Things. Suffice to say that the confrontation with Vecna ​​promises to be explosive!

Credits: Netflix

With season 4 of Stranger Things, Netflix has struck a blow! It must be said that this new season is of excellent quality, despite the multiplication of narrative arcs. The spectators have also reserved a particularly warm welcome following the adventures of Mike, Eleven and the others.

Indeed, the series easily exceeded Obi-Wan Kenobi in terms of audiences, the other flagship series of the moment. This is also the best launch ever made by Netflix. Now it’s time to wait, since the second part of this 4th season is expected from July 1, 2022 on Netflix.

Obviously, the streaming platform maintains the hype of the spectators and gradually increases the tension. A first preview of Volume 2 has been released by the service, while new images of Volume 2 were revealed just a few days ago.

Netflix unveils the final trailer for Volume 2

However, Netflix has just moved up a gear by unveiling the final trailer for volume 2 of this 4th season of Stranger Things! Be careful, if you haven’t finished the first part yet, we advise you not to take a look at this trailer, which is rather loaded with spoilers! You have been warned.

And precisely, what does this two-minute trailer reveal to us? Without going into details, the final showdown with Vecna looms and it promises to be epic. The gang will have to return once again to the Upside Down to recover Nancy, while Eleven will leave “Dad”, now that she is in possession of her powers again.

On his side, Hopper won’t really have time to savor his reunion with Joyce in Russia. Other Upside Down monsters obviously managed to escape during their Gulag escape attempt.

As a reminder, the creators of the series, the Duffer brothers, have announced that the finale will contain more special effects than all of season 3! Enough to promise a great, very great show. Besides, they confirmed that the hunt for the demon will go into high gear. What the latest trailer confirms.

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