Stranger Things season 4: the Netflix series sets a new viewing record

Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things” broke the Nielsen record for the most-watched program in a single week, according to the top 10 streaming programs recently released by the measurement company.

Season 4 of the Stranger Things series was probably the most anticipated in years, as it had a better launch than Obi-Wan Kenobi when the first part was released on May 27th. Now we know thanks to the measurement company Nielson that the series has broke a new viewing record, once held by Ozark.

Indeed, according to Nielson, the United States collectively spent 7.2 billion minutes watching the series the week of May 30 to June 5, the week following the arrival of the first part of the fourth season of the series on the streaming platform. If we add the 5.1 billion minutes of viewing from the previous week (May 23-29), we get a total of 12.3 billion minutes of viewing over the two-week period.

Stranger Things season 4 has become the most watched series on Netflix

Previously, ‘Tiger King’ and ‘Ozark’ were the only titles to top 5 billion minutes watched in a week, both reaching that milestone in March 2020. However, Stranger Things managed to break records on two consecutive weeks. Moreover, it should be pointed out thatno streaming show had ever crossed the 7 billion minutes mark in a week.

The second and third places for the week of May 30 to June 5 were taken by The Lincoln Lawyer and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who each got one-seventh of Stranger Things figures with just over 950 million minutes watched. The second part of season 4 of Stranger Things arrived yesterday on Netflix, and we imagine that these last two episodes will also attract a very large number of viewers.

For those of you who have already finished binge watching the series, we have good news for you. The Duffer Brothers, the creators of the series, have already announced that fans won’t have to wait long to see the latest salvo of episodessince a season 5 will arrive sooner than expected.

Source : The Hollywood Reporter

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