Stratasys joins the DFactory Barcelona ecosystem

One of the largest global players in 3D printing, Stratasys begins its activity at its new headquarters at the DFactory Barcelona facilities, hand in hand with its Platinum Excellence-Tech distributor. During the welcome ceremony, chaired by the Special State Delegate to the CZFB, Peter Navarro, and EMEA Stratasys President, andreas langfeldseveral clients and the attending press have seen first-hand the advantages that additive manufacturing can bring to multiple sectors, in addition to learning about its real applications.

It should be noted that Stratasys is one of the most innovative companies with 3D printing solutions for various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products or healthcare. With smart, connected 3D printers, polymeric materials, a software ecosystem, and manufactured-on-demand parts, Stratasys solutions offer competitive advantages in each link of the product value chain. In this way, companies can transform the design of their products, provide agility to production and supply chains, and improve customer service.

Stratasys will have SAF technology available in the ecosystem, with H350 printer. Designed to provide manufacturers with production consistency, competitive and predictable cost per part, and complete production control for volumes of thousands of parts. Stratasys already has more than 100 machines installed around the world.

Stratasys and Excelencia-Tech, as Platinum Partner of the brand in Spain, are strongly committed to continuing to expand their presence in such strategic points as DFactory Barcelona to help their clients and all those potential companies that want to take the plunge and adopt additive manufacturing in your workflow.

Pere Navarro affirmed in the act that “We are talking about a very important company in the world of industry 4.0 through 3D printing. For the CZFB, have their knowledge, their experience and their positioning on the market within the DFactory Barcelona ecosystem it is quite a privilege. We are sure that synergies will continue to emerge between the companies present in the building, but also beyond these walls, and it will be beneficial for the entire metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. In this way, the DFactory Barcelona, ​​born barely a year and a half ago, already has 80% occupancy, which encourages us to continue with our expansion project”.

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During the event, EMEA Stratasys President Andreas Langfeld commented: “We see production-scale 3D printing transform manufacturing in industries around the world as companies seek to move with more agility and efficiency. Our presence at DFactory Barcelona will make a difference by being in an environment that facilitates cooperation, the generation of joint technology and new business models.”

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