Strategy analytics says Apple shipped 6.5 million notebooks in Q3 2021 thanks to the MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The estimates on Apple’s laptop shipments are pretty good according to Strategy Analytics. In this case, the research firm places Apple as the fourth largest laptop seller in the world with 10% of the market share and with figures of 6.5 million laptops shipped in Q3 2021 thanks in part to the MacBook Air.

It costs a lot to surpass figures from other firms that obviously have lower prices and much more varied product catalogs. Apple has what it has but it is doing things very well with its computers and the arrival of its own processors is revolutionizing sales again at this stage of change. Proof of this is the MacBook Air that is at the forefront of sales and that without a doubt it was always the Apple computer par excellence.

The latest released version of this MacBook Air that adds the M1 chip also has its 13-inch Retina display and a base price of 1,129 euros. In addition, students can obtain this equipment for less money which makes it the equipment to buy on many occasions. The MacBook Air can also be found in good deals on Amazon and other stores as well as the 13-inch MacBook Pros.

These are the best-selling equipment according to Strategy Analytics:

Strategy Analytics

First we have Lenovo, followed by HP, Dell and then we find Apple. The difference in units shipped between the former and Apple is quite large but many factors must be taken into account. In any case, the total sales of 66.8 million computers shipped is very good for the sector and more so considering the shortage of components that exists today. According to the analyst firm itself, if there were no shortage of components worldwide, these shipment figures would be even higher.

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