Streaming is growing in Spain: 42% of gamers spend more and more time watching and creating content

Already a worldwide phenomenon, it seems that streaming or retransmission of live content has become one of the fastest growing trends in our countrybecoming an increasingly important alternative to the most classic audiovisual entertainment in our country.

And it is that as evidenced by the study «II Radiography of Gaming in Spain» published by PcComponentes, aimed at analyzing the impact of video games on our society, with a sample of players between the ages of 14 and 50, 42% of Spanish gamers say they spend more time than last year on this type of contentboth in viewings and in the creation of the broadcast of their games.

Streaming enters the daily routines of gamers in the same way that video games are fully consolidated as part of their daily entertainment. In just one year, the number of players who spend between 1 and 2 hours a day gamingstands at 46% of the total. This represents a rise of 13 percentage points compared to last year, ratifying a normalization of gaming as one more option for daily leisurecompeting hand in hand against other options such as series and movies (which are also growing in their own field of streaming).

A trend that It gains special strength among the younger community. This new edition of the study raises up to 69% the number of gamers between the ages of 14 and 23 who have increased the amount of time, both consumption and creation of streaming, placing it as a channel of majority consumption among Generation Z in Spain and positioning it at the forefront of audiovisual entertainment.

Streaming Elgato Wave Panels

Although that’s not all. This study also seems to highlight other virtues of gaming, which breaking down some of the big negative myths that surround ithas shown that video games help to generate bonds of friendship between people, emphasizing its character of social entertainment. And it is that in fact it is the younger generations that have most embraced these positive aspects that gaming brings, rising to the impressive figure 92% of gamers between 14 and 23 years old, who claim to have made new friends thanks to video games.

The effects of the pandemic during 2021, as well as the different time restrictions, have helped in the consolidation of streaming as a cultural phenomenon, a period in which many gamers have taken advantage of it to equip themselves professionally. The ‘II Radiography of Gaming in Spain’ determines that 59% have specific hardware to broadcast (headphones gamingmicrophone, webcam…).

Although it seems that following this trend is not easy, since 39% say they upgrade their hardware every two years. On the part of the internal components, the graphics cards and the RAM memory they are the newest, far ahead of others such as processors, more related to the assembly of computers from scratch. On the part of peripherals, mice and headphones are the ones that are renewed most frequently, while microphones or cameras have a greater continuity in the setups.

However, there is still a significant base of gamers and streamers who prefer the format of laptops, which currently have a really varied offer of devices that has nothing to envy with respect to desktops.

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