Streaming services is Apple’s new target

Just a few days ago we knew the economic results of the Cupertino company for this last quarter, they showed the great importance that services have gained for Apple, being today one of the main income that the company has. Well, it seems that they are not satisfied with this and could be thinking of restructuring the services they offer. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Apple wants to restructure its services

Since the arrival of Apple Music, the Cupertino company has done nothing more than develop your servicesIn fact, you just have to look back to see the number of new features that have arrived in recent years, from Apple TV + to Apple Fitness +, through the different iCloud plans, a streaming game service such as Apple Arcade and subscription to Apple News +, not to mention all the rumors we’ve been hearing about more subscription services, although that’s another matter entirely.

As reported by a new Business Insider reportApple’s senior vice president of services, the popular Eddy Cue is working on slightly restructuring service management, with the aim of putting the focus on streaming content and advertising. This is because it seems that these two areas have tremendous potential to make a profit and, above all, to make the Cupertino company great in this sector as well. In fact, within the organizational chart there have already been different movements that demonstrate this strategy. For example, Peter Stern, Apple’s vice president of services, is no longer in charge of advertising, since it will be Todd Teresi, vice president of advertising, who will assume more responsibilities in this regard.

Not long ago we learned the news that Apple was going to broadcast, through Apple TV +, baseball games, after establishing an agreement with the Major Leagues, and this is exactly what the Cupertino company has in mind, be able to offer much more sports content, making a much larger audience interested in the company’s streaming content platform. In fact, Apple’s interest in acquiring the rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket Package and even intend to be able broadcast NBA games.

nfl apple tv+

What is clear with these movements that the Cupertino company is making is that it wants to promote and give a lot of value to Apple TV +, making its original content not the only attraction for the public, but also the sports offer gains significant value when users take the step of subscribing to the platform. That, together with what we mentioned earlier about the new subscription services that Apple seems to be preparing to give more viable access to its devices, will mean a tremendous economic boost, even more than what the income received by the company through the different services.

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