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What should you look for in a webcam

Although a webcam can be seen as an insignificant device, the truth is that its characteristics must be taken into account to make the best possible purchase. There are many aspects to take into account that must be adapted to your particular needs at all times. Here are the points that must be taken into account when making this purchase:

  • Price: one of the most important aspects that exist when making a purchase is undoubtedly the price. As with other accessories, the price range is quite wide, with really cheap cameras and others much more expensive. This will depend on the construction materials and the rest of the functional characteristics.
  • Supported resolution: the quality with which a webcam captures a particular image depends mainly on the resolution. In general, the cameras for Mac that can be found in the market have a 1080p or Full HD resolution. This is certainly sufficient for most cases where it will be used, but there are also some models that support 4K resolution. The only problem they have is the price that will obviously be increased.
  • Anchoring system: Before buying a new camera you should know perfectly where you are going to place it. Each of the webcams on the market has a different anchoring system, since they can be placed just above the screen or on the table itself on a tripod. That is why before deciding you must take into account how you are going to place it to make the best possible purchase.

The webcams that you will support on your Mac

The most typical thing that can be found in the market are those webcams that are located just above the Mac screen. Through a fastening system such as a clamp or any other. We show you below the best options on the market.


This webcam includes Full HD 1080p resolution with automatic focus. It has two MP CMOS that offers a frame rate of 30 fps. With a starting point of 7 cm, the autofocus function is able to ensure that videos always look sharp. But you can focus manually yourself as this function can be disabled. This is useful if you are always going to be in the same plane, avoiding that the camera is constantly forced to focus.

It includes a noise-canceling microphone that reduces ambient noise. This makes it better with different specialized applications such as FaceTime or Skype. It is a Plug & Play camera that works not a USB 2.0 system and does not require the installation of any type of driver. In addition, a small cover is also included to improve personal privacy by being able to cover the lens at any time.



Logitech is one of the best brands that can be found in the market when it comes to cameras, especially focused on streaming. It offers a video recording in 1080p resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps. All this combined with autofocus and lighting correction achieves an incredibly good result with a 78 degree field of view. Focused on the world of streaming especially to achieve a clear image in front of the viewer thanks to the cutting-edge technology behind it.

It integrates two microphones to achieve stereo audio for those who are listening either in videoconference or streaming. Capture natural sound from any angle, by placing the microphones on each side. It includes a shutter cap that allows you to control everything that is displayed and protect the lens for greater security. It is compatible with all operating systems and it is not necessary to have specific software to work with the basic configuration that is proposed.



With a really elegant and understated design, this camera is perfectly adapted to any Mac model. It integrates a high-quality glass lens with a high-resolution CMOS sensor that offers a frame rate of 30 fps. Regarding resolution, the ability to record it at 1080p. This makes for a really fluid image on social networks and other applications of interest as well as on the streaming platforms themselves.

The focus is automatic and the photo correction is also done automatically through the integrated chips. This means that when you are in an environment with little ambient light, you get the sharpest image possible. As in other models, a privacy lock is included to control what you want to see at each moment. The microphone offers a high-performance stereo experience with reduced ambient noise. In addition, it also integrates noise cancellation to be able to have an effective detection of the voice.



If you are a streamer who is starting this is the webcam that you must have on your Mac connected. It offers a 1080p 30 FPS image with a high-quality fill light that can be controlled via a controller on the top that is touch-sensitive. There are three levels of brightness: low, medium, and high. This makes the perfect light condition achievable by reducing particulate matter and adding detail when in a really dark environment. This camera can be stably placed on the monitor thanks to its clamp. It offers an angle of up to 90 degrees and an adjustable 360 ​​degree rotation for an outstanding perspective.

The webcam adopts a high-sensitivity CMOS chip that provides a focus technology that is fixed. It is capable of tracking human faces in real time and enables clear and bright images and videos in real time. It has a dual ambient noise reduction microphone to power the voice of the sender at all times. This reduces all the noise in the environment and that is a serious problem in conversations.

Best Tripod Webcam

In the event that you do not want to have the camera on the screen of your Mac through a clamp system, some models include a tripod in their packaging. This way you can have a different angle when making a video conference and even adjust the height. We show you the best options below


Webcam with a 1080p resolution with fill light around it. You can turn on the lighting and control the video transmission by touching the controls that can be found at the top. Although you can also opt for automatic image management. If not, you can choose between the five levels of brightness that are integrated. The image that is offered in addition to being Full HD will also be at 30 fPS. It also has a 120º wide angle and a 360º rotating and adjustable fixed clip to achieve the best viewing angles.

It integrates a chip inside that allows to capture the clearest sound and communicate without passing the ambient sound. A protective cover is included that allows you to control the screen display at any time. When the webcam is not being used, the lens can be covered, improving personal privacy, avoiding possible hackers. In addition, when the camera is being used, a small LED light turns on.



This webcam stands out for having a glass lens that allows you to capture an image in 1080p at 30 FPS, except in specific applications. It has a field of view of 97º to be able to capture much more details of the environment around you. All this accompanied by a tripod on which you can place the image quickly focusing on the plane of your choice. It uses a Plug & Play system so that it works the moment it is connected to the Mac without having to perform tedious installations.

The integrated microphone is omnidirectional, specially developed to have high sensitivity and with noise and echo cancellation. This makes the protagonist always be your own voice avoiding any distractions from the environment itself. It has an automatic mode that allows sound to be captured with a radius of 5 meters. To guarantee privacy, a shutter is integrated that allows you to quickly control everything that is displayed, preventing different hackers from accessing your image in real time.


Webcam that has a Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. It uses a CMOS image sensor to integrate a color reduction circuit. This allows to have a stable image at a speed of 30 FPS. In addition, the four-layer anti-glare lens provides clear images at all times. And to guarantee privacy, this model integrates a protection system through a cover that can be placed with a simple movement of the finger. This will undoubtedly give you a lot of peace of mind when you are not using it.

You will not have to install many drivers on the Mac, since you will only have to connect the camera and start using it in the different programs. Built-in microphones are tuned to reduce ambient noise making calls and recordings clearer. The integrated tripod can be detached in a moment to be stored anywhere. Without a doubt, it is one of the best options when it comes to having a camera connected to your Mac.


If zoom is really important to you, this is the camera for you. It integrates a 5x digital zoom that gradually enlarges the images by pressing a simple button to show all the details. In addition to this, you are also in front of a camera with a 1080p resolution with a double-sided optical lens with an AR coating. This causes an image to be delivered at a rate of 30 frames per second. Integrates dual high-sensitivity microphones to reduce ambient noise in a radius of 3 meters. This makes it usable in noisy environments.

Around the lens you can find three rings of light offering 3 adjustable brightness levels. This results in a perfect exposure with smooth, even fill light. Depending on the environment you are in, you can adjust the brightness to reduce shadows in order to have the best lighting. This is adjusted on the camera itself through a physical button. This means that no other accessories have to be used to provide light.



1080p webcam with the possibility of turning on the integrated lighting system. 3 levels of brightness are integrated with adjustment buttons on the top that is ultra-sensitive to make the change with a simple touch. The lens has in total 5 layers to be able to have an image rate of 30 frames per second. With the brightness levels it is possible to avoid having shadows on the plane or on the face. This makes the camera really significantly improve.

The webcam integrates a protection cover that prevents any hacker from accessing your image in real time. It can also prevent dust from getting on the lens. The tripod is fully adjustable to adapt it to any type of table and always achieve the best possible plane. It has a 120º angle and a 360º rotation system. All these characteristics are always thought to be able to achieve the best possible quality when making videoconferences.

What cameras do we recommend?

There are many cameras that we have discussed throughout this article. In the case of the more classic options, the most recommended camera is the TECKNET for having a competitive price as well as for the inclusion of a lighting system that is quite good. A series of illumination LEDs can be displayed around the entire lens that can be easily adjusted via a touch button. In addition, the automatic focus is also quite positive in this regard to have a high quality end result.

In the event that you need some type of tripod, the camera that we should recommend is the NIYPS for having a really sober design and for also including an LED lighting system. All this configuration is done through different physical buttons and in no case is it necessary to have a driver installed. The integrated tripod is easily removable and ensures good stability on the surface on which it is supported.

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