Studio Display Secrets You Should Know


The screen created in the image and likeness of the new Mac Studio, the Studio Display, keeps a series of secrets that little by little are being discovered and make this screen more interesting for many users. We are already clear that it does not work in the same way on Windows computers as on those with macOS. We are clear that the quality does not reach that of the Pro Display XDR. That the price is more restrained. Now we also know that the cable of the screen can be changed as well as the Stand that holds it. But it is not as easy as it seems.

On its website, Apple says that the Studio Display’s power cable is non-removable, and several users have thought the same. This is because removing the cable with just your hands seems impossible. However, we know that the cable can be disconnected from the screen. As @StellaFudge shows on Twitter, Apple has a special tool designed to remove the power cable from your new Studio Display. With the cord wrapped around the tool that doubles as a handle, the power cord can be easily unplugged from the screen. Unfortunately, this is an internal tool created for Apple technicians. That means it’s not easy to find availability for sale.

As for the Stand that holds the screen

Studio Display stands and VESA mount adapters are not supposed to be “interchangeable”. However, it is known that customers can visit authorized services that will give a new meaning to “non-exchangeable”. For example, if a customer purchased a studio display with the standard adjustable tilt stand and later decides she wants to use a VESA mount adapter, she can schedule a service appointment with an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. and install one.

price will vary depending on the region, the type of bracket or mount being installed, and the cost of labor.

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