Studio Ghibli: the museum’s official online store inaugurated!

Despite the enormous international success of the animated films made by Studio Ghibli, it’s not always easy to find official merchandise related to the works of Hayao Miyazaki (and yes, other directors too, but are they really interesting?). That’s why, today, fans of the famous Japanese animation studio will be happy to find that Studio Ghibli has inaugurated the the museum’s official online store, open since 2001 in Tokyo.

The official online store of the Studio Ghibli Museum has been inaugurated!

The online store of the Studio Ghibli museum will join the official store dedicated to animated films, offering exclusive gadgets.

Inside the store, inaugurated just 3 days ago, Miyazaki fans will find numerous gadgets and collectibles related to the museum; including some sushi chopsticks at 2,640 yen (about € 20), of the postcards really suggestive at 600 yen (about € 5) and a brings biscuits similar to those in which our grandmother used to collect all the sewing material, sold for 1944 yen (about € 15).

You can take a look at all the items that can be ordered through the official Studio Ghibli online store at this address (although, unfortunately, there is currently no overseas shipping).

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