Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi

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The Japanese manufacturer Subaru has been offering an alternative vision within the automotive market for many years. Although always adapting to the times, as shown by the adoption of hybrid engines in its range of engines, Subaru has its own particular proposals such as boxer-type gasoline engines (which it maintains in hybrid systems) and the incorporation of all-wheel drive in all your models.

Analyzed model subaru impreza
engine and finish 2.0i ecoHYBRID
Power 150 hp
Maximum speed 192km/h
Acceleration o-100 10s
Long wide high 4475/1775/1515mm
Max Power RPM 150 hp 4,000 rpm
Max torque Nm/RPM 194Nm
Gearbox automatic
Price €31,250

Within this vision, Subaru has models with a lot of tradition, such as the historic Impreza, a car launched in 1992 that in 1993 began a successful career in the world rally championship. This participation in the toughest motor competitions gave the Impreza an image of toughness and sportiness that has survived to this day. We have had the opportunity to test a modern Impreza to see if that pedigree continues in current versions of this Japanese model.

four generations

Having four generations of Impreza behind us is quite a responsibility for a model that, as we have pointed out, is practically mythical for any fan of the motor world. The truth is that the exterior appearance of this new Impreza has lost a lot of aggressiveness compared to previous generations that sported large spoilers and very sporty lines. In this new Impreza the appearance is much more civilized and oriented to practicality with respect to its illustrious ancestors.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 31

It is an update of the model launched in 2018 and with respect to this, already much more bourgeois than its predecessors, few aesthetic details have changed such as the design of the front bumper, the new 17-inch wheels or the design of the headlights. The front end is elongated and the stylized headlights are separated by a not too large grille with a silver trim that shows off the Subaru logo in the center.

In the lower part, an air intake that extends from side to side is perhaps the sportiest touch of the design of this front. The fog lights are embedded in this black radiator that is topped by a short spoiler that protrudes from the front. The design of the side also corresponds to that of a conventional sedan with some concessions to sporty touches such as the short rear spoiler, the elongated nose and the 17-inch wheels.

more bumper

At the rear, you can see a large, thicker bumper on the sides, large headlights that separate in two when you open the tailgate, and a black trim that finishes off the bottom of the bodywork. The signs that we can find on the tailgate indicate the presence of the all-wheel drive and that the propellant is of the hybrid type, although it maintains the boxer-type cylinder configuration so characteristic of the Japanese brand in its internal combustion engine part.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 33

It must be said that in general the design is pleasant and modern, although the sporty touch that characterized the previous versions of this car has been largely abandoned. It is true that it does not attract attention and that can disappoint fans of this model, especially if we take into account that the sports variant that the Impreza previously had, the WRX, is not planned for these generations of the Impreza.

The interior of the Impreza, for its part, is spacious and gives an impression of robustness and durable finishes and a very pleasant touch and appearance, although they cannot be considered of the highest quality. The car has three screens, as is usual in the models of the Japanese brand. The 8-inch infotainment system screen, the one between the dials on the 6.3-inch instrument panel and one above the dashboard with gear information such as hybrid system operation.

Much space

The space inside is generous and abounds for both the front and rear seats. The space for the legs and for the head stands out, especially if we take into account that it is not an SUV. We especially liked the driving position with a comfortable but enveloping seat to hold on to somewhat faster curves. In addition, you have convenient access to all controls without having to take your eyes off the road.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 35

The car has sports-style perforated aluminum pedals that give the interior a more dynamic touch. On the steering wheel we find a multitude of controls to activate different functions of the car. We really liked its layout and touch, always intuitive and in such a way that we will not trip over the wrong button thanks to its reliefs and shapes. It is a quality steering wheel, covered in stitched synthetic leather and with paddles to change gears.

In the rear we also find enough space for two people to travel very comfortably with the possibility of a third traveling without too many problems. Something to note is that the glazed surfaces are quite large, so there is good lighting in the cabin, which contributes to comfort. In addition, the soundproofing is quite effective, so doing kilometers with the Impreza is pleasant, especially on the highway.

scarce trunk

The trunk of this Japanese model is not very capable, partly due to the hybrid system that takes advantage of the trunk space for the electric motor batteries and therefore subtracts 45 liters of capacity for this destination. The total capacity of the trunk is 340 liters, enough for a trip but falls short if we need more capacity than normal, for example to transport bulky objects.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 37

At the wheel of the Impreza, starting is quiet, as in all hybrid models, and the operation of the electric motor is good. With respect to other models of the competition, it must be said that the impression is that in urban routes the combustion engine comes into operation more often, especially if we request power by stepping on the accelerator decisively. In the end, and if we want to obtain low consumption, we will have to be very careful with acceleration.

For the rest, the operation of the propulsion system is very smooth and although the boxer engine comes into operation, with its characteristic sound, it is not too noisy. In the city we liked the operation of the automatic torque converter change, of which we can modify the behavior by selecting a driving mode that suits what we need. Sport mode is the one that has given us more sensations of course, but it penalizes consumption a lot.

boxer horses

On the road, the 150 horsepower of the engine has not been very effective, perhaps due to the weight of the car. It has no problem accelerating and we got good recoveries but it lacks a bit of brilliance despite the good gear system we mentioned. In short, if we want to maintain high rhythms off the highway, we will have to access the aforementioned Sport mode or manually select low gears to squeeze the power of the system.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 39

With regard to the handling of the car, we have tested the Impreza on the winding roads that we usually use and its behavior has seemed very noble, with good fidelity to the trajectory and without notable rocking. The all-wheel drive is noticeable to always get a good grip. A good chassis and suspension that, in our opinion, would admit a more powerful engine that would give a little more joy in sporty driving and contribute to lower consumption by not having to rev up the engine as much.

On the highway, comfort is quite high, in line with cars of its size and category. Regarding its performance off the asphalt, it is not a car that allows complicated routes, but of course it is comfortable on dirt roads, always maintaining its composure thanks to its 4 × 4 transmission. An efficiency that is also maintained in conditions of low asphalt adherence such as on wet pavement.


Whoever is looking for the same sports sensations in the new Subaru Impreza as the most extreme versions of its ancestors will not find them in this 2021 model. On the one hand, the modernization of the engines leads us to a sober 150-horsepower block that is not particularly bright but more in line with the times (although you have to be careful to keep consumption low) and on the other hand, both in its appearance and in its equipment, there are not too many nods to that sporty past of the Japanese model.

Subaru Impreza 2021, alibi 41

On the other hand, it is a spacious and comfortable car with a lot of technological equipment that invites you to travel in comfort and safety thanks to the permanent all-wheel drive. The trunk has been somewhat sacrificed but of course it is a car with which you can travel comfortably and that can compete without complexes with other sedans of the moment with similar characteristics, which on the other hand cannot boast of a past as significant as that of the Impreza…

Final assessment


This Subaru Impreza is a good car, quiet and safe with a good supply of driver assistance systems and excellent comfort that lacks some spark.

infotainment system8

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