Subscription consumption is established in all Spanish consumers

The subscription consumption is fully consolidated in Spain, regardless of user salaries. This is what emerges from the new study of the research company OnePollcommissioned by eDreams Odigeo.

This is the case, therefore, for both low earners and high earners, as shoppers recognize the convenience, personalization, and savings benefits of subscriptions over traditional transactional buying.

The analysis, in which 1,000 consumers in Spain, revealed that around 60% of Spaniards see subscriptions as something they could not live without, or as something important and a way to save money. Only 1% said they saw no value in subscription services.

The Spaniards surveyed highlighted the comfort (64%)access to personalized products and services (46%) as well as being able to enjoy unique offers and promotions (45%) as the most important advantages offered by subscription services.

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Subscriptions are popular with both high and low income households. 87% of Spanish families with incomes of up to 35,000 euros are subscribed to products or services, while the percentage rises to 97% in the case of households with higher incomes.

Increase or maintain spending

Likewise, the vast majority of Spanish households have increased or maintained spending on subscriptions during the last 12 months: 94% of those with median or below median income and 95% of those who earn 35,000 euros or more.

Looking ahead, 90% of respondents with an income of €35,000 or less plan to maintain or increase their investment in subscriptions in the next 12 months, compared to 96% of those with higher incomes.

Dana Dunne, CEO of eDreams Odigeo, has assured that, “As the creators of the world’s first travel subscription program, we have known for years that consumption through this model offers enormous savings potential for customers. This study shows that shoppers get it, too, and are increasingly turning to subscriptions as they offer a way to lower the cost of a wide variety of products and services, whether they be travel, home essentials, or even luxuries.

«We believe that subscriptions will only grow and ultimately become the main method of buying and selling goods and services in our society. That’s why, more than five years ago, we moved from a transaction-based model to one that primarily engages with consumers through subscriptions. Our Prime service recently reached 3.5 million members and continues to grow, proving once again how well it fits the needs of today’s shopper who values ​​convenience and value above all else.“, Add.

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