Succession (HBO Max) makes this bag go viral after laughing at it: why did they choose that model and not another?

The Serie succession It has returned in style to the HBO Max catalog and its first episode has once again shown that it continues to live up to what we are used to. So much so that in addition to putting us in a situation of how tense things are between Logan Roy and his children, he has left us with a hilarious moment, starring one of his best characters, Tom Wambsgans, in which he criticizes a bag that has been already gone viral. We tell you the whole story and why the producers of the series decided to choose precisely that model.

Warning spoilers: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of the fourth season of the series. Please read at your own risk.

The return of succession (and his farewell)

One of the best series on the current TV scene (and one of the best in history, if you allow us the audacity) has just returned to HBO Max. succession has already rolled out the red carpet for its fourth and final season, in which, once again, we will see how the father of the family, Logan Roy, and his four children, dispute power. We are saddened to know that there are therefore few episodes left to say goodbye to its wonderful casting, although at the same time we are relieved to see that those responsible have not wanted to stretch the bubble gum to infinity and prefer to give a dignified ending to this exciting story of people disgustingly delicious.

While that arrives, we have an interesting walk through a season that has started strong: with a first point in favor of Kendall, Shiv and Roman, who just botched their father’s latest purchase by outpaying him for the PGM media conglomerate. This will bring consequences on the part of the patriarch, increasingly hurt, broken and tired of the attitude of his children.

It is not the only thing that the first chapter has left us. In addition to what seems, now definitive, Shiv and Tom’s divorce, the latter has once again starred in some of the best comic moments, especially when it comes to a bag that is giving a lot of talk on social networks. It is a Burberry piece that Tom does not hesitate to criticize because it is the one worn by cousin Greg’s new girlfriend.

The Burberry bag, why?

During Logan Roy’s birthday party, Greg shows up at the house with his new girlfriend, Bridget, who is carrying a Burberry bag that Tom Wambsgans doesn’t hesitate to reference. According to Shiv’s still husband, he is a huge misstep, for the size and design chosen: «What’s in there, huh? Flat shoes for the subway? His tupperware for lunch? What I mean, Greg, is that monstrous. It’s gigantic. you could take it camping […]”.

The hilarious moment, as expected, has transcended the screen and at this time, the British brand’s bag model has gone completely viral, generating all kinds of opinions on social networks and even voting for other bags just as “outside”. of place”.

The Burberry bag they laugh at in Succession

AND Why that particular bag (whose price is around 2,800 euros, mind you) and not another? The screenwriter and journalist Bolu Babalola seems to have the answer. According to aim on his official Twitter account, during the premiereJesse Armstrong, creator of the series, confessed that he had come to interview a rich woman from New York and ask her directly what was the most “offensive” and vulgar bag that a woman could take to an event like a birthday to try to “fit in”. ».

We don’t know if they gave him several options or if the anonymous interviewee directly pointed out this model from the European firm, but, be that as it may, after the episode aired, Burberry’s pride had to be seen a little diminished. Of course, perhaps they are one of those who think that better that they speak ill of you than not to speak and they are delighted to be the center of conversation at this time. Who knows…

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