Suicide Squad: Idris Elba would like a Superman prequel

Thor’s former Heimdall, Idris Elba, would like his character Bloodsport confronted Superman, in a prequel to The Suicide Squad.

The film of James Gunn is obtaining excellent feedback from the public and critics, so much so that the director has pushed the director to make some spin offs of the film and perhaps a sequel.

Bloodsport vs Superman: this is what Idris Elba would like

If the new The Suicide Squad on the one hand it is having an excellent answer for the excellent realization by James Gunn, the other side of the coin turns out to be the low performance achieved at the box office due to the Delta variant and the streaming of HBO Max.

Fortunately, the director’s excellent work allowed DC anti-heroes to become popular very quickly. These include Robert DuBois (Bloodsport) played by Idris Elba, a mercenary who uses his suit and high-tech weapons to defeat enemies.

In the film we find out from Amanda Waller that Bloodsport ended up in jail for shooting and injuring Superman with a kryptonite bullet. That backstory isn’t further explored in the film, as the focus shifts to Bloodsport’s role as the leader of Task Force X.

Recently, during an interview with ET, Elba revealed that he would like to return to the role of Bloodsport but not for a sequel, but for a prequel in which he shows how he confronts and hurts Superman. It was this particular backstory of his character that gave him the right energy and the right charisma when filming The Suicide Squad.

I don’t want it to be a sequel, but rather tell what happened before. I’d be really interested to see why he ended up in jail, why he shot Superman. I’d like to see that story come to life.

I didn’t know which character I was playing, but I knew his position within the plot. So that was all I needed to understand and why I signed up. I also knew that Bloodsport was the first to send Superman to the hospital, which is why he is in jail. It was intriguing and became one of the motivations that pushed me to do some scenes and develop the character.

Bloodsport wouldn’t be the first character of The Suicide Squad to get a solo adventure, with the Peacemaker of John Cena set to arrive on HBO Max in January 2022.

With the positive answer towards The Suicide Squad and Gunn’s statements about not finishing playing with DC villains, the real possibility is that the Suicide Squad movies could become a franchise of its own. Now it remains only to see what Warner Bros will decide for the future of the series.

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