Summer Game Fest 2022 will replace E3 2022 this year

Just two days ago, the cancellation of the E3 2022 video game fair was officially announced, eliminating both its face-to-face and online event from the calendar. Thus, with the great absence of this fair, although last year it served as a reinforcement, this year the Summer Game Fest 2022 aims to take center stage in the summer gaming scene.

This has been revealed Geoff Keighley himself through the official Twitter account of this eventwith a fairly brief announcement that leaves us unknown as the date (only limited to next June) or the guests themselves that your event will have. And it is that although it is clear that with the great vacuum created, and given the great reputation of other events such as The Game Awards, we have no doubt that Keighley won’t have much trouble putting together a program that lives up to the hype.. And it is that previously, the Kickoff Live program directed by this charismatic presenter, was the first platform to present one of the ones that this year has become the biggest revelation of the year, with the first launch trailer for Elden Ring.

That said, with so little time left, it would not be surprising if we see how some companiesincluding some of the major publishers, Choose to hold your own events.

Finally, we do not want to close this news without reminding you that, no matter how well this fair happens or not, the Entertainment Software Association, the organization in charge of E3, has assured that your fair will return next year.

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