Summer sales 2021: how to prepare to find the best promotions

The 2021 summer sales start this Wednesday, June 30 and will last for several weeks. This is how to spot the best tech offers in the quantity of promotions that will be offered on Amazon, Fnac and the main e-merchants.

No respite in retail. The Amazon Prime Days have barely ended when the 2021 summer sales are about to start. If you have not found what you are looking for during the last markdown periods, nothing is lost. The summer sales, like the winter sales, are an opportunity to find great promotions on various types of products, especially in the high-tech department (computers, smartphones, TV, audio.).

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The dates of the 2021 summer sales

The 2021 summer sales are held from Wednesday June 30 from 8 a.m. until Tuesday July 27 at midnight. A comfortable period of four weeks but you will have to stay alert if you are looking for specific devices: stocks can quickly run out on some popular products.

Where can I find promotions during the sales?

The vast majority of traders offer promotions during the summer sales. You can look for them in stores but also, of course, from the comfort of your sofa.

Most e-merchants will offer promotions including:

Numerama will comb through the offers to find the best. Throughout the four weeks of sales, we will offer you our good deals on the site and on the account Twitter Numerama.

How to spot the best promotions?

Check the promotion percentage

Stores are normally required to display the reference price close to the sale price, so that customers can verify the accuracy of the discount offered. However, some unscrupulous merchants do not hesitate to artificially inflate the promo percentage. It is mainly this point that must be checked before ordering during a sale period.

Some extensions like Keepa allow you to see how the prices of a product have changed in recent months. Keepa only works on Amazon but it can give you a useful indicator if the product you want to buy from another merchant is also listed on Amazon. As the plugin displays the price evolution in the form of a graph, it is very easy to spot its major trends, and to make sure that the promotional price is really worth it.

Looking at the prices charged by other merchants of course also gives an idea of ​​the authenticity of a promotion.

The team of Numerama will carry out this work throughout the summer sales period in order to offer you only really interesting promotions in the field of tech. Only products that we know and recommend will be highlighted. Our tips will be regularly published on the site and on the account Twitter Numerama.

Organize your research

Considering the quantity of promotions offered during the summer sales, it may be good to organize yourself a little beforehand. Which products would you be most interested in? What is the maximum price you are willing to pay on it?

Our buying guides will help you identify the products best suited to your needs. In particular, you will find on Numerama:

Ranking Frandroid’s most popular tech products can also help you find inspiration. In any case, preparing a list will help you not to spend too much time scrolling through the promo pages of e-merchants. Note that merchants have an interest in quickly selling larger products because they are the ones who take up space in their warehouses. If you’ve been thinking about buying a TV, now is the time to look out for deals.

Can products purchased on sale be refunded or exchanged?

This is the small downside of products on sale: merchants generally do not offer refunds or exchanges on them, if you change your mind. On the other hand, as the UFC-Que Chooser reminds us, sale products retain the same guarantees as other products.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, you have two years from the discovery of the problem to take action against the seller (on condition that the sale took place less than 5 years ago). ” On the Internet, items purchased on sale also benefit from the right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of sale. The buyer will be able to exchange his item or be reimbursed, without penalty and without having to justify his decision. “, Also recalls the association of consumers.

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