Summer sales: AirPods with up to 100 euros discount

One of the advantages of buying them on Amazon It is, in addition to the discount, that when sold through Apple’s own store, these are completely new and original. Besides that you can enjoy a 2 years warranty with coverage from Apple during the first of these and from Amazon during the second. In any case you could even return them in 30 days If for whatever reason they don’t convince you.

The “basics” AirPods 2, the first to be on sale

We quote that basic because the second generation of AirPods, despite being effectively the input range, are really attractive headphones with good sound quality. Voice command support Hey Siri and with a autonomy of up to 5 hours. There are two versions for these headphones, one of them has a case that can recharge its battery in a wireless charging base, while the other can only be recharged by cable.

Taking into account that this is the only difference between these versions, that both include a cable to charge the case and that on top of that the option without wireless charging is cheaper, we consider that the basic option is more worthwhile. In any case there are discounts on both and they can be bought with 40 and 50 euros discount respectively.

AirPods on sale

AirPods Pro, they are also discounted

The AirPods Pro are an improved version of the previous ones, with identical sound quality and additions such as the Noise Cancellation and the ambient mode. Have three pad sizes to better fit all types of ears and its battery is really good reaching 4 or 5 hours uninterrupted depending on the chosen mode. In this case there is only one version, which allows you to charge the case wirelessly or through the cable included in its box.

It is true that, according to what we have seen months ago, the AirPods Pro have come to enjoy a greater discount on Amazon. However, the discount it has now is not bad either and it can be bought for 90 euros less than Apple, which makes them a real bargain.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Max, the icing on the cake

These are the Appe’s highest-end headphones. With a headband design very different from the competition and with high quality materials, these are Apple’s gem. They have a great audio fidelity, as well as functions like a advanced noise cancellation or availability in Various colors. They are ideal for the most music lovers.

Of course, its price is higher than that of the rest of AirPods and that sometimes works against it. Although luckily they can be bought for a little less money depending on the color that is chosen. In pink they reach more than 90 euros discount, while in space gray, silver or green they have discount of 50 euros.

Apple AirPods Max

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