Summer Time Rendering shows itself with the first trailer

The anime adaptation of Summer Time Rendering, the manga of Yasuki Tanaka, it is shown with the first trailer arrived in the course of Jump Festa 2022.

Together with the trailer, which we can admire right below, both the key visual and the release period of the anime expected to debut in Japan on Disney + in April 2022 have been unveiled.

Trailer and key visual of Summer Time Rendering

The event also revealed that the anime will consist of 25 episodes that will cover the entire story arc of the manga.

Summer Time Rendering texture

After the death of his parents, Shinpei is welcomed by the Kofune and raised by them as a son. After moving to Tokyo at the end of middle school, Shinpei returns to his hometown of Wakayama on Hitogashima Island following the tragic death of Ushio, his adoptive sister and best friend of the boy.

The funeral goes smoothly but, at the end of the funeral, things start to get stranger on the island and Shinpei discovers that Ushio’s death may not have been an accident, but a murder. To all this is added a disturbing legend about the island that begins to surface.

Yasuki Tanaka launched the manga on Shonen Jump + by Shūeisha in October 2017, with the thirteenth and volume was released in Japan on April 2.

In Italy the work is published by Star Comics which last October 20 published the last volume.

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