Super Crooks: online the trailer of the Netflix anime taken from the comics of Mark Millar

Netflix released the first trailer officer of Super Crooks, the new anime based on Millarworld comics which, by now, are an integral part of the Californian video streaming service.

If you don’t know the story of Supercrooks, the comic mini-series created by Mark Millar And Leinil Yu and distributed by Marvel, this one centers on some supervillains who carry out robberies or, at least, try to carry them out. These are in fact always interrupted by the superhero on duty, preventing the protagonist, Johnny Lightning, to get rich as he would like.

After being jailed for several years, Johnny decides to move to Spain, where the number of superheroes is much lower than in the USA, once again attempting a big shot together with his companions.

The new Super Crooks trailer

Below you can take a look at the anime trailer released online by Netflix in these hours, pending the arrival of the series created by Studio Bones on the platform, with episodes lasting about 30 minutes, the next November 25.

“I had planned this as a kind of low-budget European film, because it was originally set in Tenerife, near Spain”Millar said of the series. “But over the years, it turned into an anime series. I am a huge fan of animation and I am in love with Japan. I really can’t think of many examples of traditional American superhero characters made in the Japanese style. And it’s so beautiful, it’s just amazing because it’s two things that I love being put together, which I think is really interesting. “

What do you think of the Super Crooks trailer? Let us know via a comment below!

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