Super price for the Logitech G PRO X wired headphones with Blue VO! CE microphone

Wireless Logitech Pro X

One of the best headphones for the most demanding “gamers” are the Logitech G PRO X and now it is with a significant discount on the popular online shopping website Amazon. These headphones are currently in the lowest price in its history.

A while ago we were able to test these headphones on I’m from Mac and the truth is that we can confirm that it is really headphones spectacular for their sound quality, also for their quality of manufacture and materials.

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Logitech G PRO X headphones, brutal sound and voice quality for gamers

We understand that the offer will be like all those offered by this shopping website, for a limited time, so if you are one of those who was looking for headphones to play or directly with high sound quality, this could be a good purchase for you.

The Logitech G PRO X add 7.1 surround sound so we can say that we are facing a brutal audio quality. If we focus on games the incredibly clear and accurate audio qualitythanks in part to your design exclusive hybrid mesh. They also add Blue VO! CE microphone technology with professional quality removable microphone filters to optimize your voice in real time.

This is an important offer and as we say above never seen before in these wired headphones from Logitech. You can save more than 60 euros now and that is their usual price is 135 euros and today you can get them for 71.99 euros. There is also a wireless version of this model of headphones, but in this case they are not on sale.

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