Super Thieves: here is the trailer of the anime series taken from the comic Super Crooks by Mark Millar

The feast of anime ads by Netflix arrived during the Tudum has also been enriched by the trailer for Super Thieves, the series based on the comic Super Crooks – Superladri by Mark Millar.

The anime series is produced by the animation studio Bones – the same as My Hero Academia – and will arrive on the catalog of the streaming platform on November 25th, going to “replace” the unfortunate Jupiter’s Legacy.

The first Super Thieves trailer

In this anime adaptation, petty thief Johnny Lightning puts together the perfect team for one final blow. Centered on eight supervillains, the story is created by comic book legend Mark Millar and told in thirteen thirty-minute episodes of action, robbery and superpowers, all elegantly produced by Bones.

Super Thieves debuts November 25, only on Netflix.

Produced by Netflix, Super Thieves is directed by Motonobu Hori which followed the script signed by Come on Sato, while Takashi Mitani he took care of the character design of the characters.

The original Super Crooks comic by Mark Millar And Leinil Yu it was published for the first time in the USA in 2012. In Italy it is published by Panini Comics with the title Super Thieves.

Super Crooks cartoon texture

Life is hard in the US if you are a super villain. The crime market is competitive and the super heroes are as boring as they are effective. So what can an American supervillain do? But go to Spain, of course!

Johnny Lightning convinces a close gang of super villains to make one last spectacular heist that will fix their lives forever. The problem is that Johnny’s target is the biggest super villain of all time, and when things go wrong, why they will, it’s not politics that these super thieves will have to worry about …

Mark Millar – the screenwriter of “Kick-Ass”, “Wanted”, “Secret service”, “Nemesis” and “American Jesus” – writes the perfect heist movie, between “Ocean’s Eleven” and an X-Men adventure . Partner in crime, “Superior” designer Leinil Yu.

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