Superman, One Punch Man, Patriot and Omni Man fight in an epic fan made short

How many times, spending your days with your nerdiest friends, have you let yourself be drawn into seemingly endless discussions about which was the strongest character of a particular anime, which is the best universe among Star Trek And Star Wars (it’s Star Wars, don’t think about it too much) or, again, which superhero has the strongest superpowers? A discussion that probably also involved the guys from the Mightyraccoon YouTube channel, who decided to resolve the issue by publishing an epic fan made short that sees some of the strongest superheroes ever clash (at least according to them): Superman, One Punch Man, Patriot And Omni Man!

So here the four superheroes clash violently in a short made entirely in CGI, lasting about 4 and a half minutes, with no holds barred.

Superman, One Punch Man, Patriot and Omni Man collided in a fan made short

The conclusion of the short (with an overall winner) is also what I would have assumed, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise so … just press the play button below:

Let’s face it, Patriot was perhaps really a little out of place in the group.

Who would you have made to win? Let us know via a comment below!

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