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tire pressure sensor

High-end vehicles usually have a default system that warns the driver of low tire pressure. Although on a motorcycle it is somewhat easier to detect a tire with low pressure than on a car, it does not hurt to know in advance that something is wrong with the element that separates us from the ground. There are several models of this type. The first of all is the Garmin Zumo, which connects to the Garmin 390LM control unit that is sold separately.

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Another alternative is plugs FOBO Bike 2, that work without extra devices. The earplugs connect directly to our smartphone via Bluetooth and the data can be interpreted from their native app. It may seem like an expensive product, but it is much cheaper than getting the Garmin equivalent.

MotoSafe earplugs

plugs cancellation motorcycle.jpg

Wind noise inside a motorcycle helmet at highway speeds can easily reach 100 decibels. On a prolonged basis, this can be detrimental and lead to a permanent hearing loss.

And this is where the great debate comes in. In Spain, it is not legal to circulate with caps, whether or not they have Noise Cancellation active. This does not mean that such a product is not interesting both for the sports practice of motorcycling —where it is practically essential to use protection— as for our escorts in case we drive on the road.

However, in the Amazon comments there are many customers who use them for the road. They give this product a thumbs up and state that they are willing to pay the fine if it hits them in order to protect their hearing. Hearing health is a much repeated topic in biker circles. In many countries, these protection devices are completely legal, although the Spanish DGT usually turns a deaf ear to these proposals. There are different variants of this product, from normal earplugs to versions with an active noise cancellation earphone.

Xiaomi tire inflator

xiaomi inflator.jpg

Portable, compact and rechargeable. What more could you ask for? The xiaomi air inflator It is a product that is usually associated with its range of scooters, but it is the perfect tool for also keep the tires of a motorcycle in tip-top shape.

This inflation pump has an LED screen where we can pre-adjust the pressure before starting to put air on the tire. It has a 2000Ah battery, which you can charge with any mobile charger and can inflate up to 150 PSI.

Its price is not unreasonable and it is not a bad idea to carry it in the trunk of the motorcycle or in a backpack during long trips in case we end up needing it at some point.

GPS tracker

motorcycle gps locator.jpg

Unfortunately, this world is full of people who also like your bike. Two-wheeler thefts are pretty common these days, but luckily we now have some tools to combat the friends of the alien.

The locators for motorcycles they are really cheap considering the money they can save us. from about 30 euros you can get a basic model. Depending on your needs, you can scale to more.

The first device that we are going to show you is the SinoTrack ST-907 Mini. It works with a SIM card that you must buy separately, although we already told you that there are very cheap ways to get hold of one of these.

This equipment needs installation and allows you to turn off the motorcycle engine from the phone application. As soon as you detect that your motorcycle is moving from the place where you parked it, the system will notify you and you will be able to turn off the engine remotely and detect its position. This model is worth about 30 euros and can also be installed in cars.

gps winnes.jpg

On the other hand we have the Winnes GPSwhat’s wrong with it portable format. This device is much simpler and does not require intervention in the vehicle. On a motorcycle, we will place it in the interior trunk and the GPS will give a signal of the location. In larger vehicles such as a car, it can be glued to the chassis thanks to the fact that one of the sides is completely covered with magnets.

Like the previous model, it works with a SIM card. The ideal is to buy a prepaid one and recharge as the data plan is spent.

smartphone holder


Currently, we usually locate ourselves on the roads using our smartphone instead of using a specific GPS. When we go by car, the support matters rather little to us. The typical magnets that do the trick became fashionable and they are very cheap. But on the bike, we can’t gamble. If the mobile falls with the vehicle in motion, it is normal that it ends up in pieces.

A secure support for your mobile is the Lamicall. It grips the handlebars of the motorcycle with great force and encapsulates the device, avoiding vibrations and protecting the edges. This model works as long as you mobile have between 4.7 and 6.8 inches. The support allows you to turn the terminal very comfortably, as well as quickly release the phone in case we need to use the mobile when we are parked.

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