SupRemo and Uranium: two essential programs for this summer

SupRemo: your computer at your fingertips from anywhere

Supreme is one of the most complete and simple programs that we can find to be able to connect to our computer remotely from anywhere. Thanks to this software we will be able to sit in front of our computer wherever we are, even if we are miles away from where the computer in question is. All we need is to have an internet connection.

This program has a very simple and intuitive interface that allows us to use the program without complications. Its executable is very small and, in addition, it does not need absolutely anything (neither configurations, nor routers nor anything) to be able to work. Security is another of the star aspects of this program, being able to work together with the Windows UAC, using dynamic passwords and encrypting all connections with 256-bit AES algorithms.

Thanks to SupRemo we can remotely view the computer screen and interact with it. If our team has several monitors, we will also be able to see them, and change from one to another according to our needs. Thanks to its agenda we will be able to keep the IDs of the computers to which we connect most frequently so that we can always have them saved and not have to memorize them.

Do you need to send files to a computer remotely? Thanks to this program we will be able to do it, and also with total security. Do you need to organize a meeting? No problem. This program also helps us to create our own meeting rooms. It is perfect for both home and business users, who can also customize the program with their own logo. For personal use it is a completely free program. Finally, its license is considerably cheaper than that of other competing programs.

SupRemo Feature Summary:

  • Unlimited installations.
  • Support for automatic updates and updates.
  • Multi platform.
  • Unguarded access.
  • No configuration.
  • Chat and file transfer.
  • Customizable.
  • Address book and contact sharing function.
  • Remote printing.

The SupRemo program presents two types of plans that can be activated quarterly or annually and renewed upon expiration: “SupRemo Solo”, which allows launching one control at a time from any device, and “SupRemo Business”, which allows launching up to 3 connections simultaneous and can be extended at any time with additional controls. SupRemo licenses can finally be purchased and activated at any time with no time limitations.

Uranium Backup: safe and efficient backups

Uranium Backup main menu

The value of data is incalculable, especially when it comes to work-related data or personal files such as photos or videos. Hackers are constantly trying to destroy this data, or at least kidnap it to ask for a ransom in return so that they can use it again. We are also always exposed to the randomness of our hard drive or SSD failing and causing us to lose data irretrievably. For this reason, it is vital to have a good backup plan to help us so that, if we have had a problem, we can recover from it.

Uranium Backup is one of the best programs to make backup copies of our data that we can find. This program has a large number of options, which gives it excellent versatility, being able to make copies on our PC, in the cloud, on FTP servers, on Hyper-V equipment… everything.

It allows backup individual files and folders, but it also allows us to copy complete disks, virtual machines and even files that we have saved in the cloud to have a second copy. It has a “Base” edition to create copies of data as such, a “Pro DB” edition to create complete database copies, a “Pro Tape” edition to make backup copies on magnetic tapes (if we continue to use these systems ), a “Pro Virtual” edition for virtual machines, the “Pro Shadow” edition to create a subversion system with “shadow” copies, and the most complete, Uranium Backup Gold, which groups all functions into a single edition.

Uranium Backup Feature Summary:

  • Backup planning.
  • Data synchronization.
  • Encryption of backups.
  • Incremental and differential copies.
  • Backup to FTP.
  • Create full disk images.
  • Cloud copy.
  • Tape backup.
  • Databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Exchange).
  • Instant copies.
  • ESXi and Hyper-V backup.

Save with SupRemo Summer Sales: 25% discount

In order to use both SupRemo and Uranium Backup without limitations or restrictions, it is necessary to purchase the program license. Each product has its respective license, which we can buy from its website at full price. Unless we wait for the right moment and get it at the best price.

Until next August 31, both the SupRemo remote control software and the Uranium Backup backup program, have a 25% discount. In the case of SupRemo, the 25% discount is applied on the annual Solo or Business plans, starting at only € 5 per month for each user. If we have not yet contracted any plan, we can enjoy the whole year with this discount. If we already have a plan in place, then the year will be added to the plan that we already have active at this time.

supreme gold 25 discount

If what we are looking for is to buy a license for Uranium Backup, this offer applies to the Pro editions (all of them) and the Gold (the most complete) of the software from 150 euros. This software is licensed for life, so we will not have to buy the program again in the future to continue using it.

uranium_backup gold 25 discount

How can we apply this discount? Very easy. We add the product we want to the basket (we can add both if we want, the discount will also be applied to the total), and in the discount code box we will add «SUMMER2021». By pressing add, we will see how 25% is applied to the total price of the product. We can access the summer offer page from the following link.

In addition, for all professionals and companies operating in the IT sector, the company offers the possibility of joining the product distribution program. On the next page you can find more information:

Distributors can take advantage of very competitive prices and discounts, ease of installation, and a reserved area to view and activate licenses, in addition to being able to have customer data in the same place to facilitate collection and management.

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