Surely you did not know what your always connected NAS consumes

Today we are going to analyze the average consumption of one of these equipment and how much it affects our electricity bill.

How much does a NAS consume?

This is a very common question when we buy one, since, in the end, it will be a device like a router, something that we will never unplug and therefore generates permanent consumption.

Logically, a NAS is not a router and its power and functions are greater than those of it, therefore its consumption will not be so small.

It must be said that most of these teams have a similar consumption, it is true that there may be differences between some models or others but not so much as to analyze them separately.

An example would be the Synology 118 (one of the ones I have). A fairly basic equipment that provides us with consumption of 9.4W (Access); 4.22W (Hibernation).

Another model of this brand and something more powerful would be the DS220+ 14.69 W (Access); 4.41 W (Hibernation).

As we can see, consumption increases if our equipment is better, however, in hibernation their consumption is very similar, and this is where we have to pay attention, since unless we have a NAS running 24 hours, what we are interested in is its spending at rest, when we are not using it but we still leave it connected in case we have to access it from anywhere.

If we go to much more powerful equipment like the DS723, we do notice that there is a bit more difference, 21.07 W (Access) and 8.62 W (Hibernation).


If we make a basic rule to know the monthly cost at rest, we will only have to multiply 4.5 W, which would be an average of equipment at the user level, for 24 hours and for 30 days. In other words, a result of about 3.2 KW. This translated into a price assuming a cost per kilowatt of 15 cents would give us the amount of about 50 cents per month. Something quite affordable given that they even tend to have many LEDs running all the time.

In case you have a server like plex connected all day and with multiple users accessing it, its cost can be increased by 3 or 4 times. Even so, they should not be more than a couple of euros, so if you are considering purchasing a NAS server we can affirm that no matter how much we use it, it will not provide us with a very high energy cost in any case. At least at the domestic level.

At a more professional level, like the DS723 that we mentioned before, it would mean a cost of approximately double, however, it would still be a handful of euros, and if you really have a server like that, what would worry me the most is what it cost you, not your monthly consumption. So enjoy it and don’t worry about the rest.

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