Surface Laptop 3 receives new firmware and improves its autonomy

The Redmond giant has released a new firmware update for the Surface Laptop 3 based on AMD APUs. said update It is importantsince it is focused on introducing optimizations that affect the battery under Windows 11, and also brings other improvements at the level of system stability and drivers.

On the official Microsoft support website you can read all the changes introduced by this firmware update for the Surface Laptop 3, and the most important are the following:

  • Improves system stability and resolves some bugs and glitches that could cause blue screens of death.
  • Improved compatibility with Surface Dock 2.
  • New graphics drivers with GPU stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improve battery life with Windows 11, thanks to various optimizations.

To achieve these improvements, it is necessary to install a complete set of firmware that we are going to leave you listed below. Please note that this update may not yet appear as available to you. If this happens, do not worry, since it is only a matter of time until it appears as available to you.

  • Surface Firmware –1.3203.140.0 Surface UEFI –Firmware.
  • Surface Firmware –16.606.139.0 Surface System Aggregator –Firmware.
  • Surface Extension – Surface Dock 2 firmware update.
  • Surface Monitor – Surface Panel Filter –Monitor.
  • AMD Display Driver –26.20.12071.1002 AMD Radeon Vega Graphics 9 and 11 –Display Adapter.

Optimizations to improve autonomy under Windows 11 arrived for the Surface Laptop 3 based on Intel chips at the end of last yearso we can say that it was about time they made it in the version equipped with AMD chips.

Even if you don’t use Windows 11, you can still install this firmware update if your Surface Laptop 3 has Windows 10 updated with the May 2020 patch or higher. However, please note that the battery improvement will only take effect under Windows 11. There are no known bugs in this firmware update.

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