Surface Laptop Go Receives New Firmware: It’s Important

The Redmond giant has released a firmware update for the Surface Laptop Go, and although the changes it introduces are small, its importance is beyond doubt, since it affects the graphics performance, the system stability Yet the battery life.

This equipment uses Intel integrated graphics solutions, which means that the Surface Laptop Go is not particularly powerful in that regard, but having good support allows it to better develop its full potential, and can make a difference in terms of compatibility, and also system stability.

On the other hand, the battery is essential in this laptop, and therefore any improvement is welcome. The battery life of the Surface Laptop Go should improve considerably After installing this new firmware that, for now, is gradually beginning to reach users with compatible equipment. These are the changes it brings:

  • Intel Corporation – Display – Intel UHD Graphics – Display.
  • Intel Corporation Ext – Intel UHD Graphics – Extension.
  • Surface – Surface System Management – Surface SMF – Surface System Management.

In order to install this firmware update we must have an updated Surface Laptop Go, at least to Windows 10 version 2004, that is, to the 20H1 semi-annual update, which has been available since spring of last year. This version already has a considerable maturity, and is totally stable, so if you are in an older version you should seriously consider updating your equipment. If you have a higher version, you have nothing to worry about.

However, keep in mind that the deployment of this type of updates is carried out gradually, so it is possible that it does not appear to you yet as available, or even that it takes a few days to arrive. Patience, in the end it is only a matter of time until it ends up appearing as available.

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