Surfshark VPN start-of-the-year offer is definitely worth a look

On this first Monday of the year, take advantage of an exceptional promotion on your Surfshark premium VPN subscription.

This was already the case in 2021, and it still is in 2022: the Internet represents a certain number of risks. So, to guard against this, Internet users opt for a simple and effective solution: VPNs. If you do not know what VPNs are, know that they are software designed to protect your sensitive data and your online privacy.

They protect your identity and your location, and give you access to a host of exclusive benefits, such as bypassing geo-blocks. And to take advantage of all this at a low price, know that the Surfshark premium VPN is showing a unique offer at the start of the year. It is therefore accessible for only € 1.95 per month, right here:

Discover the Surfshark offer

How Surfshark VPN works and benefits

If you are new to Surfshark VPN, we will quickly introduce it to you. This tool saw the light of day in 2018, and since then it has been working to ensure the safety of Internet users. To do this, Surfshark has optimal security settings.

As soon as it is activated, this software makes all your online activities unreadable to others by encrypting your web traffic using the AES-256 algorithm, the best in the field of cybersecurity. At the same time, Surfshark also camouflages your IP address, in order to protect your identity and your location. You are therefore completely immune to the risks associated with using the Internet and connected applications, especially on public Wi-Fi networks.

But while security is the primary goal of Surfshark VPN, it is not the only thing this software can offer you. Indeed, Surfshark also has many servers located in more than 60 countries around the world.

This will allow you to connect wherever you want with a single click, to unlock all geo-limited content. You will therefore be able to enjoy foreign television channels, but also Netflix catalogs, French television abroad or even YouTube videos from around the world.

Even if you are a beginner, do not worry, all this will be possible very easily from the Surfshark application. The latter adapts to all your media (computer, smartphone, tablet, but also Smart TV and connected box).

83% discount + 3 months offered at Surfshark VPN

Do you want to take advantage of the many advantages of Surfshark VPN? Then there is no doubt that you will be delighted to discover the current promotional offer of this software. Indeed, as we begin a new year, Surfshark shows a significant reduction.

The latter allows you to benefit from an 83% immediate discount on its 24-month subscription, and adds to that 3 free months in addition. In this way, you have the possibility to benefit from Surfshark for 27 months, and this, at the single price of 52.76 €. This represents a monthly cost price of € 1.95, compared to € 11.43 in normal times.

You therefore save more than 250 € over the total duration of your subscription, which is not to be refused. In addition, an account with this VPN has unlimited simultaneous connections which means that you can use the Surfshark application on as many devices as you want at the same time. Rather practical and economical!

Also know that you do not take any risk to subscribe to this offer because it is accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To make it work, you just need to ask the VPN customer service, accessible 24/7. So, take this opportunity to take advantage of Surfshark at a low price.

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