Surgical precision? The SteelSeries Sensei Ten mouse is on sale!

It was the king of gaming mice at the time, acclaimed by locals and strangers, groundbreaking as well as simple, a marvel of the technique that now has a renewed, improved version and after this offer at a laughable price. SteelSeries Sensei Ten It is a mouse that has many things inherited from its first version and predecessor, but represents the purest evolution of the best mouse in history, with the permission of the MX518.

If Sensei was already good in and of itself, SteelSeries has put all the meat on the grill to make good as sublime. The improvements are more internal than external, where the changes are subtle, while at the heart of this mouse … We better see it directly.

SteelSeries Sensei Ten, what’s new old?

One thing must be clear with this Sensei Ten: it is a design between SteelSeries and own PixArt, that is to say, they are major words. Mainly because the first does not integrate a sensor of the second, but both have designed a new sensor that, although there are newer versions, is still the benchmark of the brand because it is the most balanced. We talk about TRUEMOVE PRO, which integrates 18,000 CPI, 450 IPS and 50G, a possibly perfect balance that makes it tremendously accurate.

One of the characteristics of this sensor that makes it different from the rest is when we lift the mouse from the support surface, be it a mat or table, since even if we tilt it when supporting a few degrees in front of the perpendicular, the tracking of the mouse remains constant. which guarantees the best possible precision.

The legendary form of this Sensei Ten has not changed, remains unchanged, mainly because professional players after being asked about the brand assured that it was perfect. First for being soft, with a suitable height, ambidextrous and a not very pronounced fall. SteelSeries has been faithful and at this point there are no changes as such.

Better build, switches and buttons

Although we insist that its lines are identical to the predecessor and disruptive model, the materials have been improved, since it is now manufactured in a high quality polymer to withstand the most intense wear and tear of a professional player. Its better grip allows the hand to rest longer, reducing fatigue after hours of use.

What has also been improved has been the switches, where they now support up to 60 million clicks thanks to a mechanism of double spring to improve the feeling of crisp touch.

Of course, we will have 8 programmable buttons and a built-in memory that will allow us to save the polling rate and even 5 CPI different on the mouse. What is the price of this wonder mouse? Well, it cost 79.99 euros, but after this offer the price drops a spectacular 38% to stand at 49.99 euros. Don’t think about it and buy one before they run out!

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