Surprise! The whole Kaamelott series has arrived on Salto

The Kaamelott series was released in full on Salto, the French subscription video-on-demand platform. Right before the arrival of the first film at the cinema.

This is a nice take for Salto, the subscription video on demand (SVOD) platform. The entire series Kaamelott is now available on the SVOD service launched jointly by the three major French audiovisual groups TF1, M6 and France Télévisions. The announcement took place this Monday, July 12 via Salto’s Twitter account, with many nods to the series.

Kaamelott in SVOD, a first

It’s the first time that Kaamelott is offered fully and unlimited in SVOD in France. Until then, the work was only incomplete on the platforms. For example, it was possible to watch some episodes via MyCanal, by accessing the replays of the 6ter and W9 subsidiaries of the M6 ​​group. Currently, episodes from seasons one to four of Kaamelott.

On Salto, these limits do not exist: the six seasons (the “books”) are online, without any missing episode – notwithstanding the short film Dies iræ and the pilot episodes which are not considered part of the narrative, since actors and actresses will switch roles before the official start of the series. These contents are offered for example in DVD bonuses.

Screenshot of the complete Kaamelott on Salto // Source: Salto

Access to Salto requires payment of a monthly subscription, but the first month is free for each new customer. Pricing ranges from 6.99 to 12.99 euros depending on the number of screens (from one to four). Outraged Kaamelott, Salto provides series and films, foreign but above all French, including popular programs, such as More beautiful life.

The arrival of Kaamelott on Salto could allow the platform to gain new subscribers. Indeed, the humor of the series has seduced a large audience and the fan community is undoubtedly one of the most structured and the most active within the French audiovisual landscape – the lines of Kaamelott, moreover, fuse regularly in the discussions.

Above all, the series comes at an ideal time: the first film of Kaamelott will be released to the cinema very soon, with the first screenings on July 21, excluding previews. Beyond the fans of King Arthur and his associates, the feature film could also prove to be a powerful breath of fresh air for other cinephiles who might want to discover the very particular universe concocted by Alexandre Astier.

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