Susan Wojcicki steps down as YouTube CEO after nine years

Important moves in the direction of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, who had held the position of CEO of YouTube for nine years, leaves her position and also leaves Google, a company for which she has worked for almost 25 years. If we do the numbers, this means that she was one of the first employees of the Mountain View giant, so much so that according to the source of the news He was the one who helped Sergey Brin and Larry Page, co-founders of Google, to set up an office in their garage.

That was the first stage of Google, the first steps that would lead it to become the technological giant that it is today, and Susan Wojcicki was there, so we can get an idea of ​​how important she has been within the company, and it is clear that his departure is not due to any kind of internal problem or discrepancies with other high-ranking executives. In the end it seems that everything is a matter of dedicate yourself to your family and start a new chapter in your life that will allow you to face other personal projects.

Susan Wojcicki is 54 years old, so if we put everything we’ve said in context I think it’s pretty clear, in the end it’s almost a kind of “early retirement”. To ease the transition, Susan will help Neal Mohan adjust to his role as YouTube’s new CEO, and it looks like she won’t be walking away from the company entirely, as she will continue to serve in an advisory role at Alphabet and Google.

The executive commented that Google is experiencing a moment of great importance, and that this reminds her of those days full of opportunities and challenges that she experienced when the company was just starting out. Believe that Youtube is in good hands, She trusts Mohan and is convinced that he will know how to lead said platform on the right path.

As CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki was responsible for projects such as YouTube TV, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. All of them had the same objective, to improve the profitability of the platform by offering premium payment services. I don’t have concrete numbers of the income that they have been generating, so I can’t say with knowledge of the facts if they were a success or a failure, but in general the opinions they have received have not been good, so we can get an idea that at least they were not as successful as expected.

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